Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 4 recap – “Lucky Baht”

By Jordan Lyon
Published: September 22, 2022 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Overall, quite an emotional episode from the mini-series. In fact, this is the most dynamic episode of the season. Anyone who knows the story of the rescue mission is likely to know the fate of Saman before the episode starts. However, that doesn’t make the episode any less tragic.

This recap of the Netflix series Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 4, “ Lucky Baht,” contains spoilers.

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Whilst the first few episodes of Thai Cave Rescue haven’t been the most exciting, it has slowly started to become more appealing. However, whilst I say that I still feel it could have been done with fewer episodes. Below is the recap for the fourth episode.

Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 4 recap

It has now been 11 days since the football team became trapped inside the cave. Eak has given up much of his own food supply to ensure that the young footballers have enough food between them. Meanwhile, on land, the experts are discussing a potential rescue plan. At the moment, it could take 3-4 weeks at a minimum. But there’s worse news. The level of oxygen in the cave is beginning to run low. Not only does this mean serious health problems, but it could mean they suffocate to death. And it could happen in a week. So the Governor demands that the experts find a way to rescue the trapped boys within a week.

Elsewhere, a former Navy Seal, Saman Kunan, gets a call. Chet asks Samam if he can help get more oxygen for the trapped boys. Although he doesn’t really want to go, as he wants to spend time with his wife Meow, he knows he must help. Within the next day, Saman arrives on site with more oxygen cylinders. Down in the cave, the boys try on the scuba gear. And it’s very much a new learning curve for them. But, the trapped boys and Eak keep their spirits high during the process. Saman speaks to Meow and promises he will be on the next flight home.

That’s not the only problem, however. To try and rescue the boys, several crops must get destroyed. If that happens, many people will find themselves struggling for money. But the trapped boys may die if they don’t allow their crops to be flooded. Luckily, the people agree to let the experts flood their crops. Throughout the rest of the episode, the boys get trained on how to dive.

The ending

It’s now 13 days and 4 hours since Eak and the young footballers first became trapped in the cave. The Governor declares that everyone must continue to push forward. Saman calls his wife, and he tells her that he doesn’t have to do any more dives. So, he’ll be on the night flight home. He tells his wife that there aren’t enough oxygen cylinders for the boys. The rain continues to fall heavily. Saman goes into the water in an attempt to help the trapped boys. But as he swims underwater, he gets into some difficulty. As he starts to struggle, Meow, unaware of the issues he is having, watches a video that Saman recorded before he got into the water. Ultimately, the mission proves to be too much, and Saman dies. The episode ends as we hear Saman say that he can’t come home until he is absolutely certain that he has given it everything he can. 

Thai Cave Rescue ends by telling us that the cause of Saman’s death is unknown, but that his sacrifice would change the course of the rescue plan, and that he is rightfully remembered as a national hero.

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