Dead to Me season 3 – what do you need to know before the final season?

November 15, 2022
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Dead to Me season 3 – what do you need to know before the final season? We provide a summary of need-to-knows before the release of the popular series.

Dead to Me has had a long road to filming and unveiling its third season. So much time has passed since the second season. You are probably asking yourself, what do you need to know before watching Dead to Me season 3, the final ever season? Well, we have all the answers for you below and the burning questions as well.

Dead to Me season 3 – what do you need to know before the final season?

Christina Applegate’s Health Concerns

In the summer of 2021, Christina Applegate announced that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The shoot of Dead to Me season 3 (and now ultimately the final season) was further delayed because of this development. The veteran actor recently commented on how complex and physically painful filming was due to her medical condition.

In a recent interview with Variety, Applegate said —

“I didn’t know what was happening to me. That January, my toes got numb, and I ignored it. The balls of my foot got numb, and I ignored them. All of a sudden, I’d be, like, falling over. People were like, ‘Oh, it’s just neuropathy.’ At this point, they had to take me with a wheelchair to the set because I couldn’t walk if the set were far. I was sleeping all the time, and I gained forty pounds — a lot of things happened.”

The Hit and Run #1

We learned that Judy (Linda Cardellini), and Steve was driving the car that killed Jen’s husband, Ted, accidentally with their vehicle. While Jen eventually forgives Judy for the incident, Steve and Jen become embroiled in an intense argument over the nature of Ted’s death. Was he in an accident, or perhaps, did he commit suicide? At least, that’s what “evil” James Marsden tells her. This got him a swift knock to the head, cracking his skull, and he ended up floating in Jen’s pool.

The Hit and Run #2

As Jen and Judy drive a new car to Charlie for his birthday, a driver hits them in a stroke of irony. They don’t stop, back up their car, and drive away in a panic. The final scenes of last season showed that the driver was the “good” James Marsden, Steve’s twin brother, Ben. Yes, the adorably sweet chiropractor from up north developed a lovely romance with Jen this past season; he appears drunk when running his wagon into his sister-in-law and love interest. However, did Ben know he ran into them and still drove away? Something tells me that we will learn more about Ben in the third season, and he may lose some of that anti-Steve luster.

Where is the Body?

The questions for most of the second season were these — was Steve, in fact, dead? Also, if so, where was the body? After keeping him in her freezer for a while, where rats began to surround it, they drove Steve’s body to Angeles Forrest. Why? Well, they heard the unseemly types do the same thing. Eventually, Jen admits to Detective Perez she committed the murder. On the drive, they began to bond over losing their mothers at an early and tender age. Before finding the body, Perez called the search off, knowing the emotionally abusive man Steve was.

However, remember two things going into this season. Judy and Jenn were pulled over with a speeding ticket on their way up to the park, which has still not been addressed. Second, a hiker found the body at the end of the season, putting Perez in a tricky situation.

The Murder Weapon?

What did Jen use to kill Steve? Was it a rock? A hammer? Maybe, the diamond on her ring was so large, a couple of dozen carats? No, it was something innocuous. It was her son Henry’s toy wooden bird, which he had painted. When was the last time we saw the weapon? The toy was in Jen’s safe in the pool house.

The Letter

Jen planned on admitting to the murder of Steve, as we discussed above. Jen even planned on making Judy the legal guardian of her two children. In the letter to Judy, Jen tells her new best friend that she forgave her “sooner for Ted.” How will this affect Charlie’s relationship with Judy and his mother? And what will Charlie do with this letter?

Why are those paintings so important to Judy?

We learned that Steve was embezzling and laundering money for the Greek mafia. Also, Perez’s Boss, Chief Hastings, was in bed with the criminal organization. However, Judy insisted on recovering and keeping her paintings in her gallery. While we thought this might be because she appreciates the craft and her life’s work, there is a hidden reason. All the paintings are stuffed with the illegal profits made by the Greeks. The money was used to buy out Jen’s mother-in-law. However, eventually, someone will be coming for this cash. Who will do that? When? And what will be the consequences for Judy and Jen?

Did we forget any big storylines before you stream the third and final season of Netflix’s Dead to Me? Where do you think it will end? Let us know in the comments below!

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