Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “White” Recap

January 1, 2023
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With massive twists and turns, Kaleidoscope delivers a top-notch thrill ride in the most essential episode of the series.

We recap the Netflix series Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “White,” which contains significant spoilers.

Please note that episodes are in random order for each viewer for this series. Check out our Correct Order of Episodes for Netflix’s Kaleidoscope.

As we navigate our way of watching Kaleidoscope, we have moved to the episode titled “White.” The first seven episodes I watched were Yellow,” “Green,” “Orange,” “Violet,” “Blue,” “Red,” and Pink.” In “Pink,” we followed the team six months after the heist and discovered everything that went down after the big day. Now, we are moving on to “White,” which is the big heist, and finding out everything that went down.

Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “White” Recap

It’s the day of the heist. We see a montage of the crew getting ready for the big showdown. The music in this series has been top-notch throughout. We also see the FBI looking on from a distance. Of course, the weather is horrible as a hurricane is on the verge of hitting the city. And away we GOOOOOOOOOO!

The heist has begun as we see the team slowly enter each level of the facility. It’s pretty wild to see each piece of the puzzle that has led up to this (if you were paying attention) go off, including seeing the plants that were delivered be used as a vital piece of them getting through another layer of security. The attention to detail that the writers used in this series is next level. Everything starts to fall into place exactly how it needs to to get into the safe. However, the temperature is starting to elevate, which can trigger everything, but Ava has to move to blow something up and make the temperature go down.

Now that they are in, they start moving. Hannah calls Roger to let him know everything is fine. He knows the temperature sensor went off, but his son calls for him. Stan and Bob are able to get the safe open, and the bonds are in their hands. Leo says to Stan, it’s all there, onto the next, leaving me suspicious of him, knowing they aren’t all inside? Do we know they were switched, but was he in on it with Hannah?

We see Ava send the bonds up and text the FBI, 59th floor, and now. The FBI makes it to them, and Nazan shatters a window to get into the building. Bob is alerted they are there, but Leo says not to worry about them and move along. However, it looks like she steered them in a different direction, as it was a fake gunshot. Nazan hears something in the walls but isn’t sure what it is and breaks into the walls. They see the fake feeds and pull all the wires, which makes the camera feeds go back to normal.

Unfortunately for Roger, he is talking to his son while everything is happening. As he hugs his son, he sees the camera monitors that they are being robbed and rushes out of his place to get to the building. Hannah messages Leo to tell him that Roger knows, but Leo tells the crew one more load. The score is so overbearing here that you could barely hear Leo and what he said, it’s literally the only thing that made me so angry throughout the whole show.

We hear Judy say package ready, and it sounds like RJ saying check, but we see that Hannah retrieves them, not him. Then, boom goes the dynamite that Hannah and her friend unpack all the bonds into boxes and change them into one on top, with the rest being paper under them. What massive twists we see in the “Red” episode, but fully fleshed out in this episode. Finally, we see Bob leave while Leo sticks around for one last crack at the vault.

Sadly, the plan goes wrong for them because it sets something off that Bob knew. Then we see him come upstairs to Judy and tell them it’s time for them to get out. She is reluctant at first but goes with him. We see them hit the door, and he knocks down RJ and tells Judy to get in the truck. RJ gets up and shoots Bob in the ass, and as he gets up and points the gun at Bob, Judy shoots and kills him. Downstairs, Leo and Ava stay while they send Stan upstairs. As Stan makes it upstairs, he sees Judy and Bob together, and Bob starts to shoot at Stan, and he runs.

Bob is in the middle of the road calling out Stan to fight him man to man. However, Judy hits him from behind, chokes him out, and it looks like it killed him. Ava makes it upstairs, sees blood everywhere, and makes a quick judgment by getting into the truck and leaving. Before she can go, Nazan stops her in her tracks and tells her that she will send her friend back, but she tells her she is already gone and drives away. Nazan hits her with a gunshot, but Ava is still able to make it out of there. She drives by Bob, who is in the middle of the road and looks dead, but after she passes him, Bob gets up and puts a pen through his throat to open up his windpipe.

Ending Explained

In the office, Roger’s right-hand man catches Leo and gets him to the ground. Before he can shoot him, Hannah knocks him out with the fire extinguisher. Next, Hannah breaks down how she changed the plan and took all the bonds. She made a secret deal with the people’s bonds that they would claim with their insurance and move on. And she finishes it with, “show me where you are brave.” I am not crying, you are. What a freaking scene. There is nothing like bringing the two best pieces of this series and Tati Gabriel and Giancarlo Esposito together and delivering next-level acting. I am blown away.

As the episode comes to a close, we see Leo plant the evidence that the FBI found at the end of the “Red” episode in order to get him arrested.

What did you think of Netflix’s Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “White”? Comment below.

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