Lockwood and Co Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – What is Penelope up to?

January 27, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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The stakes and pace both increase as we rocket towards the finale, with “You Never Asked” delivering a potent mix of character, action, and plot.

This recap of the Netflix series Lockwood and Co Season 1 Episode 6, “You Never Asked”, contains spoilers.

As if the kids of Lockwood & Co. didn’t have enough to worry about, in the cliffhanger ending of Episode 5, a man died on their doorstep. His name was Carver, and he was the partner of a relic hunter named Danny, an old friend of Anthony’s, who is also dead, having tried to claw out his own eyes after witnessing something horrendous in a magic mirror that still needs to be found. That’s plenty to be going on with, and “You Never Asked” addresses it all as we pick up some real pace heading towards the finale.

Lockwood and Co Season 1 Episode 6 Recap 

Barnes gives the kids permission to investigate Carver’s murder. He was killed by a sixteenth-century dagger, one of a pair, so that’s the best lead they have, but there are more pressing matters to attend to first.

Where does the skull want to go?

As we established in Episode 4, Lucy can talk to Type 3 ghosts and is the only person since Marissa Fittes who seems to have that ability. It just so happens that the skull in the jar that George stole from the Fittes Agency is a Type 3, and it gets pretty chatty in “You Never Asked”. It wants Lucy to return it to its master’s house, Bickerstaff’s place, where they should find answers about the bone glass.

While all three of the kids go to the house, the skull tricks Lucy into going in alone, making her vulnerable to the ghosts of Bickerstaff’s “patients”, the poor souls that the mad surgeon sacrificed in his experiments. In a close call, the gang is able to retrieve some papers that need translating so they can figure out how the bone glass was made. Bickerstaff’s occult experiments and efforts to craft sources are obviously integral to everything that’s going on.

The Black Library

Another crucial piece of the puzzle is a book written by Mary Dulac, which seems inaccessible since it resides in the Black Library of the Fittes Agency. However, the kids have just been invited to a black-tie event there, giving them not only an excuse to go but for the relationship between Anthony and Lucy to be strained and tested a little.

This relationship hasn’t really been explicitly romantic until now, but Anthony’s jealousy gives it away. Earlier, Kipps asked Lucy out for coffee, which apparently didn’t go unnoticed. His worry that Lucy may take a job elsewhere probably speaks more to his ego, but it’s obvious that there’s a real connection between the two. It might be one-way traffic, but the smart money would say otherwise.

The real question, though, is whether Anthony’s rash actions will quell any potential romance before it really gets going. The Fittes ball is a good excuse for both Anthony and Lucy to dress up, and to get into a little trouble, but that urge to go further and further, to make the most reckless and potentially dangerous decision in every instance, continues to define Anthony even after he has realized that he suddenly has more to care about than just himself.

There’s some good action and tension in the Black Library, where it seems like Penelope Fittes is in cahoots with a mysterious, posh swordsman who is nameless but is referred to as The Golden Blade. The fight that Anthony and Lucy have with him is the best choreographed of the season thus far, I think, but it also gives away their trespassing. The episode ends with them having to flee, activating the salt sprinklers for cover — and also a pretty nice visual.

You can stream Lockwood and Co Season 1 Episode 6, “You Never Asked” exclusively on Netflix.

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