Who plays Anthony in Lockwood and Co?

January 28, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Who plays Anthony in Lockwood and Co? This article discusses Anthony Lockwood and other cast members in the Netflix thriller Lockwood and Co.

The Netflix thriller Lockwood and Co sees a trio of teens battle ghosts and uncover mysteries in an alternative England. Adults can’t see the spirits roaming around London and elsewhere, but thankfully children can. This means that they form the tip of investigative efforts to remove spirits and address what’s referred to as The Problem.

The show is based on the five-part book series by Jason Stroud, and the Netflix adaptation covers the first two entries, The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull. It’s received praise for its style of worldbuilding and dry British wit, and director Joe Cornish has also been praised for managing the heavy lore that the book series has at its disposal.

Another part of the show that has been praised is Cameron Chapman’s calm and confident Anthony Lockwood. The upcoming actor has come fresh out of college and whisked onto the Netflix production, and has thrived.

Who plays Anthony Lockwood in Lockwood and Co?

Anthony Lockwood is played by Cameron Chapman, which is his first role in acting. Other characters in the show include Lucy Carlyle played by Ruby Stokes, Lockwood and Co’s chief researcher George Karim, played by Ali Hadji-Heshmati, and Inspector Barnes played by Ivanno Jerimah.

There are also several other characters in the show, such as Alex’s rival Quill Kipps, played by Jack Bandeira, and the villainous Golden Blade, played by Luke Treadaway.

Why is Anthony Lockwood important?

Anthony Lockwood is the owner of the London-based ghost-hunting agency of Lockwood and Co. In this universe, ghosts roam the country but it is only children and teenagers that can see them. Usually, adults would run a ghost hunting agency and employ children to do the hunting.

Anthony Lockwood is the co-lead for the show, alongside Lucy and George. The trio team up after Lucy moves to London to find employment. They solve mysteries and battle ghosts in a haunted house. His laser-sharp psychic abilities and rapier skills are vitally important in keeping the trio alive, as well as his positive demeanor.

How old is Cameron Chapman?

Chapman is a young up-and-coming actor, having been born on December 2002, making him 20 years old. In the first book, The Screaming Staircase, Lockwood is 15.

Chapman is a similar age to his co-star, Ruby Stokes, who was born in September 2000, making her 22 years old.  In the first book, Lucy is 14 years old, making Ruby eight years older.

Ali Hadji-Heshmati is thought to be the oldest of the bunch, though his exact birthday isn’t known. He’s in his early 20s. This would make him around six years older than George in the first book.

In the shows, the characters of Alex, Lucy, and George are 18, 16, and 17 respectively, meaning the actors that play them are a similar age.

Is Cameron Chapman on Instagram?

Chapman is on Instagram, and his username is @cameronchapman_. He has over 4,700 followers, despite only posting three times. His posts are all to do with Lockwood and Co, with the first post being the trailer, the second post being the poster for the show, and the third post being his picture at the premiere of the show.

His co-stars, Ruby and Ali also have Instagram, @rubystokess, and @alihadjiheshmati.

Cameron Chapman Movies and TV Shows

Chapman hasn’t been in any other movies or TV shows as of yet. He received the role straight after graduating from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in 2021. This shows the enormous amount of potential the actor has because he’s already landed himself a significant role in Lockwood and Co.

IMDb hasn’t got him listed for any future projects as of yet, though this is sure to change going forward.

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