The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 11 Recap – what is Kaylie’s mother’s name?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 10, 2023
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“Belly of the Beast” explores the show’s horror roots in more detail with some exceptional animation on display. This installment slowly builds towards an action-packed finale as the gang take on a dragon. An episode brimming with haunting scenes and comedy moments, setting up for what is sure to be a thrilling finale.

We recap the Prime Video series The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 11, “Belly of the Beast,” which contains spoilers.

The Vox Machina have managed to befriend the Goliath half-giants and form an unlikely alliance with this army. Working as a team, they plan to kill the dragon Umbrasyl, who returns to Westruun routinely to collect their offering of gold. Percy (Taliesin Jaffe) orchestrates a trap, whilst Scanlan (Sam Riegel) and Vax (Liam O’Brien) come to terms with some life-changing news. “Belly of the Beast” showcases the series’ unrivaled humor and animation, in a fun penultimate episode.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

We pick up with Scanlan, after the last episode’s dramatic reveal. For many days now Scanlan has been flirting with and trying to bed Kaylie, who he has just found out is actually his daughter. She’s been hunting her father down for years, hoping to seek her revenge after he abandoned her mother. Scanlan defends himself, admitting that he didn’t know Kaylie even existed. With a sword to his throat, he recounts his memories of Kaylie’s mother. How they fell in love at first sight and how he never forgot her in all those years since. Although Scanlan is mistaken, he’s thinking of another woman entirely. He doesn’t even know Kaylie’s mother’s name.

What is Kaylie’s mother’s name?

Kaylie saves him the embarrassment, after Scanlan’s endless list of names, and tells the vulgar gnome the real name. Kaylie’s mother is called Sybil. She struggled for years after being abandoned, a fate she did not deserve. Scanlan acknowledges his selfishness and accepts his fate, allowing Kaylie the opportunity to kill him. She changes her mind though and leaves him with her sword, deciding to flee before she rethinks her decision.

Downstairs, the Vox Machina continue their celebrations, with the whole gang getting rather tipsy. Vax is distracted though and follows a glistening light outside. In a bloody courtyard, Vax notices red-eyed ravens and then the dead corpses rising before him. They claw at him, begging to be granted safe passage to the afterlife. Vax screams and demands to know what the Matron of Ravens wants with him, but the entity soon disappears, as do the undead.

Scanlan and Vax, both shaken by their own haunting subplots meet during the party and stare out into the night sky. They talk of life-altering events and Scanlan advises Vax to face his fears, to not let the fear hold him back. The duo returns to the party, where Percy is boring the guests to death, discussing his intricate trap mechanism. The gang of drunken warriors starts to plan their attack, they want Umbrasyl defeated, once and for all.

What does Thordak crave?

Meanwhile, the acid-spraying dragon talks with his leader Thordak. Westruun has been bled dry, but Thordak still wants more gold. Umbrasyl tries to convince Thordak of the vestiges’ power, but the red dragon is blinded by his own desires for all the riches still left in the land. Thordak demands more shiny objects, or else Umbrasyl will be burned alive. After the vision of Thordak has disappeared, Ripley comes out of the shadows. She’s manipulating Umbrasyl in her own way, bargaining a deal with the dragon in the process.

While Percy bores the soldiers, Vax sneaks out and heads for the Matron of Ravens’ church. He’s tired of the entity messing with his head and wants to speak with them face to face. Vex and Keyleth tag along, hiding from their friend, but he admits, this task he needs to complete alone. Vax enters the holy building and wades into a lake of blood. He takes the plunge and is drawn down, lower into the depths of this horrid lake. Vax then awakens, floating before the Matron of Ravens.

What is Vax’s new role?

Vax offers to pay his debts, after his sister Vex’s life was saved. The Matron wants Vax to perform a duty in return. He has become fate-touched, with the ability to see and bend the threads of fate that connect all living creatures. Vax must shepherd the dead, as their souls transition to the afterlife. Vax accepts this responsibility. The Matron of Ravens tells Vax not to fear death, before returning Vax to the world of the living. He exits the blood bath and re-joins his friends, dripping in the red stuff. They sneak back into the party to find Percy still rambling on about his trap.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 11 Ending Explained

Grog translates Percy’s convoluted speech and orders the army to build this dragon trap. Zanror offers Grog his father’s blood ax and Scanlan says goodbye to his daughter. Kaylie is still enraged by Scanlan’s ignorance and refuses to take back her weapon. Scanlan offers to change, even denouncing brothels, which is a pretty big step for the gnome. She walks away though, ashamed of her own father.

The trap is set and it isn’t long before Umbrasyl arrives, looking for his gold. The dragon notices the trap just before stepping on the pressure plate and Vex is left with no other option. She fires an arrow that triggers the trap anyway, capturing the beast. The Vox Machina spring into action and attack, but the dragon quickly escapes. Then Umbrasyl turns invisible, spraying acid on his unsuspecting enemies. Grog utilizes the gauntlets, but he can’t pinpoint Umbrasyl’s exact location. The dragon just leaves a trail of blood wherever he has been.

A reckless Scanlan proposes a plan to Vax, what if they attack Umbrasyl from the inside? Vax doesn’t fancy swimming in a sea of acid, but Scanlan has a different idea. As always, his plan leans towards the rude and he suggests entering via the back passage. He summons the magic hand and rockets toward the dragon with Vax in his grasp. They enter the dragon and stab at its belly from the inside. Grog lands the final blow with his gauntlets on the outside, although it is not enough. Umbrasyl flies into the air, escaping with two Vox Machina members in his belly and Grog trailing behind on the outside.

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