The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Ending Explained (in detail)

By Adam Lock
Published: February 10, 2023
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As you’d expect, the season two finale is full of large-scale action sequences and almighty twists. “The Hope Devourer” demonstrates The Legend of Vox Machina’s main selling points, stunning fantasy fun and a wicked sense of humor.

We recap the Prime Video series The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 12, “The Hope Devourer,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

The second season arc of The Legend of Vox Machina has centered on the Chroma Conclave, and our heroic gangs attempts to secure all the magical vestiges in order to take on these powerful dragons. In the season finale, “The Hope Devourer,” the Vox Machina are the closest they’ve ever been to defeating Umbrasyl, the acid dragon, but he’s growing more powerful by the minute, as he starts to amass the gang’s ancient artifacts for himself. Can the gang defeat Umbrasyl and weaken the Chroma Conclave once again?

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 12 recap

The finale opens with an old, wrinkled Scanlan reading bedtime stories to his grandchildren. He recounts the tale of how he almost single-handedly defeated the dragons. Daughter Kaylie arrives to take her children to bed, and Scanlan asks for one more story. Unfortunately, this is all but a dream and Vax viciously wakes Scanlan from his slumber. He was having the most beautiful of dreams, but now he’s in a living nightmare. Vax and Scanlan are still in the belly of the beast, with Grog hanging on for dear life on the outside as Umbrasyl flies skyward.

The rest of the Vox Machina stare upwards in utter disbelief, criticizing Scanlan’s awful plan. Vex whips out her trusty flying broom and Keyleth transforms into a giant eagle. The gang decides to fly after their helpless friends and continue the fight. Umbrasyl tries to lose Grog who hangs from a rope that is connected to the dragon. He hurls Grog into the tops of the trees below and slams him into a mountainside, but Grog clings on for dear life. He clambers up the dragon’s scales and retrieves his ax, hacking at the beast. Umbrasyl fires acid at Grog and the barbarian is sent falling back down toward the ground below.

How do Grog, Scanlan, and Vex survive the fall?

Meanwhile, on the inside, Vax starts to slice at the sword wound, hoping to exit the dragon this way. Scanlan’s magic hand protects them from the swirling acid that surrounds them, as they swish side to side in the dragon’s stomach. They manage to escape and levitate on the magic hand. Umbrasyl swipes at Scanlan’s spell and sends the duo into free fall. Grog powers up his gauntlets, but can’t escape the ground below him. He lands with an almighty wallop and Pike rushes over to tend to his wounds. Vax calls upon the Matron of Ravens to save them as they too fall to the ground. Suddenly, Vax sprouts large raven wings and saves Scanlan’s life.

The Vox Machina are reunited, with Vax showing off his new, luscious wings. Keyleth is in awe, and Vex quips about the injustice of it all. She got a broom; her brother got a set of wings. While they all get reacquainted, Umbrasyl escapes into the mountain. Vax wants to continue the fight, but the odds are against them. Pike and Grog are weakened and somehow the dragon remains unharmed even with a huge hole in his stomach. Scanlan admits defeat, his plan failed. But Vax won’t let it slide, he urges them to carry on, this is their best chance. Grog hobbles forwards, alongside the gang, yet Scanlan has doubts they’ll leave this fight alive.

How does Umbrasyl gain all the vestiges?

Umbrasyl heals his own wounds in the mountain’s caves. Thordak appears, via a vision, demanding his gold. Umbrasyl just cuts him off, tired of his master’s ignorance. Ripley arrives, asking for an update. Umbrasyl was ambushed, but the Vox Machina are now bringing the vestiges straight to them. It’s the perfect plan, they just have to sit and wait. Once the Vox Machina are defeated, they’ll be the most powerful alliance in all the land.

Vax decides to go on ahead and perform a swift recon mission. Using his super-fast agility, he dashes into the dragon’s lair. He spies Kamaljori’s corpse and then the invisible dragon reappears, excited to claim Vax’s armor. While Vax is attacked, the rest of the gang contemplates their next move. Vex senses danger and convinces the others to run to Vax’s aid. Pike and Grog stay behind, still wounded, and Scanlan begrudgingly follows his friends into battle.

The deplorable Umbrasyl takes Vax hostage, using him as a shield against the other Vox Machina members. The dragon drops Vax from a great height and Vex just saves him in time. The gang escapes into a hidden tunnel and regroups. Scanlan still wants to flee, but Vax makes a stand, this is their destiny, they must fight. Umbrasyl reappears and continues to dominate his rivals. Keyleth summons her inner flame demon and Vax slices the dragon at super speed, but it is not enough. Vex loses her bow to the dragon, all hope seems lost. Then Grog and Pike come to the rescue, finding some last-minute strength.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 12 Ending Explained

Is Umbrasyl defeated?

Umbrasyl soon takes the gauntlets, and quickly all of the team are defeated. It’s just Scanlan that is left. He steals the Mythcarver while the dragon is distracted and skewers Umbrasyl in the eye, killing the dragon in style. The dragon falls to the ground, trapping Scanlan underneath. Pike performs her healing magic to revive Scanlan, but he remains motionless. She kisses him on the lips, and surprisingly, the gnome bard springs to life. He was just faking it for a smooch. The two hug and then Scanlan spies a hoard of gold in another area of the cave. Scanlan swipes at a hovering, magical key and bickers with Vex, who also wants it.

The gang returns to Whitestone as heroes and celebrates with wine at Cassandra’s palace. She toasts to the Vox Machina and all is well in the world again, just three more dragons to slay. The mood suddenly turns though and Keeper Yennen speaks up. It’s revealed that she was the mole, she is the Chroma Conclave member Raishan. She’s poisoned the other members so that she could spend some quality time alone with the Vox Machina. Raishan wants to take Thordak down, she hates him too. He has become irrational and insane, practically gold-mad. Although he doesn’t want the riches because he is greedy, they serve another purpose.

How does Thordak plan to defeat the Vox Machina?

The second season ends with the meeting of Vorugal and Thordak. The ice dragon brings news of Umbrasyl’s death, assuming that the Vox Machina will be after them next. Thordak just chuckles though, eager for them to do battle. He states that his new army awaits their impending arrival. We are then shown a sea of dragon eggs. If the gang doesn’t attack soon then it will be more than just three dragons they’ll need to defeat. An entire army of Chroma Conclave members will be awaiting them.

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