Aggretsuko Season 5 Review – a sweet goodbye

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 17, 2023 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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The fact that Aggretsuko is ending on a fifth and final season is sad, but we should be buoyed that we were given so many stories to enjoy. 

A fond farewell to an adorable character, we review the anime Aggretsuko Season 5 on Netflix, which does not contain any significant spoilers. 

By now, Aggretsuko is a well-established anime on Netflix. While there’s a long shelf life for anime shows, it’s comforting to witness a sweet-hearted series, surrounded by themes such as romanticism, workplace traumas, and social issues, having the longevity to entertain audiences. 

Aggretsuko has been a little gem from day one. 

Aggretsuko Season 5 Review and Plot Summary 

Retsuko (voiced by Kaolip) has been a slice of life since day one, and by now, her well-embedded story is part of many different plot points.

The base of the story in Aggretsuko Season 5 is orientated on Haidi. The character is experiencing a crisis. A crisis socially, personally, and professionally. 

The anime series questions the purpose of a man with no ambitions and no career who sits in front of a monitor daily, sipping beer while reaching empty objectives on video games. It’s a message to society, signaling how purpose and having a sense of meaning are vital to a person’s well-being. The anime series does well to present the issue while keeping it light and comedic. 

Retsuko does not take a backseat in Season 5. Her personal life has a couple of obstacles to face. First, questioning her trust in Haidi is one objective, but finding other meaning in the day-to-day grind is another. 

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But at the crux, Season 5 demonstrates the difficulties of a real relationship. Work romance is undoubtedly a far cry from living together and trying to make a relationship work. Being a couple is entirely different from having a “work husband or wife.” Witnessing Retsuko and Haidi navigate the pressures of a modern relationship is a pleasure. 

It’s almost fruitless discussing the quality of Season 5. Aggretsuko is an anime series that has kept consistent since its debut. The team behind the series has created a successful formula that’s engrained in each season. You know what to expect, and that’s the sign of a good product. 

But longevity is key. It’s difficult to swallow that this is goodbye for our little furry friend craving a microphone. The fact that Aggretsuko is ending on a fifth and final season is sad, but we should be buoyed that we were given so many stories to enjoy. 

The question remains on whether there will be spin-offs. One on Haidi feels tempting. But leaving on a happy note, feeling that Retsuko will be fine is a good feeling. 

Is Aggretsuko Season 5 good?

Season 5 is as good as the previous seasons. This time, the only difference is that we are saying goodbye to an adorable character surrounded by wonderful coworkers and friends. 

So long, Retsuko. Though I’m sure we’ll see you in some capacity in the future.

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