Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Do Brad and Gigi have a baby?

March 2, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Episode 4 spurs on the drama, tangling the characters into life-changing decisions.

We recap the Netflix series Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 4, “The Weakness in Me,” which contains significant spoilers.

The fall of Cooper (Mike Vogel) is a case study, if anything. The emasculated man who could not fix his marriage, with a renewed sense of courage to drown his sorrows and try to sleep with any woman with a pulse. The nice guy syndrome is something that pains many men. The belief is that “being nice” is the antidote to a healthy relationship with a woman. Cooper has learned that “being nice” instead of “being good” is not the answer to life’s problems. Nobody wants a nice guy because it masks who they truly are. Cooper’s villain origin story started with being the nice guy.

Episode 4 spurs on the drama, tangling the characters into life-changing decisions.

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Season 2, episode 4 opens with Cooper having sex with another woman at his brother’s apartment. He’s racking up his body count since the separation. The woman goes to NYU — she’s a junior. Cooper learns this, and he’s instantly ashamed of himself. Cooper has to face his brother and his boyfriend and endure the walk of shame. Cooper’s brother questions him and raises how Francesca is worried.

Cooper tells his brother that he had a run-in with Billie. He’s not dealing with the emotional fallout from the split. His brother tells him to deal with his emotional turmoil and minimalize collateral damage.

Why is Brad being sued? 

Billie learns that Brad is being sued for fraud due to his label. She speaks to Sasha about it and is in disbelief — Billie believes Brad is innocent. Billie wants to support Brad, but Sasha tells her to “do nothing.”

Billie believes Brad needs a friend right now. Meanwhile, Gigi tells Brad that she supports him and reminds the man that she is his wife. Afterward, Brad agrees to meet Billie in his loft. Sasha scoffs at this scenario, knowing the inevitable will happen.

Billie meets Brad at his place

And so Billie meets Brad at his place. Billie sees the cot and how the place has changed, ready for a family. There’s a new couch, which Billie notices straight away. Gigi has made many changes. Brad admits he has messed up, but he has no idea what happened with the fraudulent activity. He always thought he could provide for his family. As tears flow down her face, Billie tells Brad he will be a great father.

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Brad gently holds Billie’s hands and strokes her face, and then as they are about to kiss, she warns him that he doesn’t want to do this. Brad does want to kiss, but Billie backs off; she knows this isn’t who she is.

Why does Sasha break up with Kam?

Sasha is facing a lot of criticism and being accused of being anti-feminist. She talks to her agent, Mick, about this situation. Mick tells her to break up with her boyfriend Kam so they can continue the narrative of an “independent woman.”

Later in the episode, Sasha visits Kam, and they roleplay the doctor-patient scenario while having sex. Afterward, Sasha tells Kam that they must break up publically, but they will be together secretly. Kam is concerned, believing she is sacrificing her integrity for the brand. He feels her agent is using her.

Kam does not want to cooperate on the narrative that she has agreed with her agent. He refuses to live a lie and asks her to make a decision. This feels like a break-up between Sasha and Kam.

Why does Trina apologize to Billie?

Anyway, after the drama of the last episode, Billie ends up at a spa treatment with Trina. It’s super awkward as they have to rub seaweed on their bodies to remove all the “negative energy.”

Trina feels regretful for what she did with Cooper and apologizes to Billie. She feels ashamed. Trina is envious of Billie and her choices. Billie tells Trina she can make bold choices, too, and offers to help her. Surprisingly, the spa treatment heals the women.

At the spa, Billie admits she visited Brad, and something almost happened, but she has a boyfriend, so she couldn’t. And then, Gigi messages Billie asking to meet.

Do Francesca and Cooper break up?

Cooper tries to talk to Francesca, but she knows what he has done and tells him to leave. Dev is there, too, knowing what Cooper did with his wife, Trina. Francesca wants to humiliate Cooper. He tries to apologize to her, but Francesca accuses Cooper of making her the “w***e of wall street.” Cooper admits it was not just Trina that he slept with, but many other women.

Francesca now believes that he was a problem with his marriage with Billie. She walks away — it’s official; Francesca and Cooper break up. 

Why does Gigi ask Billie to leave Brad alone?

Billie meets Gigi. Gigi reveals she knows Billie met Brad at the apartment. She believes something happened, but Billie insists she supported Brad as a friend. Gigi calls Billie a ghost in their relationship, and she thinks they are not together because they are having a baby. She is devastated and starts crying despite all the makeup she has on for the modeling shoot.

Gigi tells Billie she had her chance; now it is her turn. She asks Billie to let her have her chance with Brad. Gigi wants Billie to leave Brad alone. 

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained

A drunk Cooper gets angry at a bartender for not pouring him a drink. But Emily calms him down, and he’s surprised to see her at the same bar. Emily knows he is getting divorced. She reassures Cooper that the pain of divorce is normal. Cooper feels like a fraud and thinks he’s not the man he thought he was. Emily tells Cooper that she knows his heart. She expresses her love for Cooper. Cooper tries to kiss Emily, but she recognizes how drunk he is and tells him it cannot happen like this.

Does Billie give Majid another chance?

Brad cannot stop thinking of Billie and messages her saying how much he misses her. But Billie ends up being confronted by Majid with flowers. Majid admits to Billie that he was desperate for financing, but there were strings attached — to have sex with Crystal, the investor. However, he’s clarified the boundaries with Crystal and asks Billie for another chance.

Billie is surprisingly understanding. She admits she saw Brad. She tells Majid that nothing happened, but it almost did. Majid tells Billie they both have pasts, and it would be naive to pretend they didn’t. Billie invites Majid to her apartment, and they have sex. Majid tells her he will do anything sexually for her. They head to the fair and have sex on one of the rides.

Do Brad and Gigi have a baby?

Brad learns that Gigi is in active labor at the hospital, and he rushes there. He manages to get there in time. Their baby boy is delivered in a highly emotional scene. They are a family now.

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    Ok, the whole last paragraph is all screwed up!! Billie, Brad, & Cooper are 3 different ppl!! Brad & Gigi are married, so no Cooper & Gigi aren’t having a baby.
    No, Billie isn’t rushing to the hospital for Gigi, Brad is!

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