Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

By Nubia Brice
Published: March 5, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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As the romantic tension rises and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, Nagatoro surprises everyone by being more all-in on this relationship than Senpai imagined.

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 10, “Hachioji-senpai Taught Me A Lot,” which contains spoilers.

For once, viewers got to see Senpai help Nagatoro (voiced by Sumire Uesaka) with a challenge, and although she did not come out on top at the Judo tournament, the moment still seemed to bring them closer together.

The pair may have grown closer than fans were expecting, with Nagatoro not only offering to kiss Senpai but requesting a kiss in return in the future.

While the sparks between the two seem to get a little hotter every week, watching the pair navigate their growing friendship is still fun. Still, there’s no doubt that Nagatoro’s confession last week is undoubtedly weighing heavy on Senpai’s mind.

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

The episode opens with Senpai wondering what the subject of his latest painting should be. As Nagatoro walks in, Senpai is immediately reminded of her request for a kiss the other day but is still convinced this is an elaborate joke on her end to make fun of him. When Nagatoro sees that his canvas is blank, she jokingly asks if he is struggling because he wants to ask her to model, but he admits that she’s not wrong. She agrees but insists on choosing her outfit.

Nagatoro disappears to change into a new outfit to model and reappears moments later in her school swimsuit.

Why is Senpai worried about Nagatoro?

After painting for a while, Senpai offers Nagatoro a ten-minute break. She jokingly complains about her back hurting from him ogling her, but Senpai grows concerned for her wellbeing, as he’s heard that modeling can be difficult work. Nagatoro tells him if he’s so concerned, he could massage her back, but when Senpai tries to get out of it, she suddenly claims her back has gotten worse and forces his hand.

Although nervous and timid, Senpai attempts to massage Nagatoro’s back. As he does, he notices how stiff she is and comments that she’s been working hard, with seems to fluster her.

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After getting her massage, Nagatoro tells Senpai she has decided to join the judo club.

Nagatoro tells Senpai she joined the club with a goal to work towards. He assumes she is talking about beating Orihara, but Nagatoro says her goal is to win against her old rival and earn Senpai’s kiss as a reward. She’s surprised to see how shocked he is, especially considering she told him she was not messing around.

Does Senpai want to kiss Nagatoro?

After hearing her confession, Senpai finds himself surprised and embarrassed, saying he never actually agreed to kiss her. When Nagatoro grows upset, asking if that means he does not want to kiss her at all, he attempts to deflect by saying a kiss isn’t something you should treat like a “game prize.” However, Nagatoro says the answer is not that complicated and asks again if he wants to or not.

As Nagatoro tries to get Senpai to answer her question, Hana Sunomiya, cousin to the former president, Sana Sunomiya, walks in and asks to join the art club.

How does Senpai know Hana?

When Hana says one of her reasons for joining the art club is because Senpai is there, he explains that they were in their middle school art club together. It seems innocent until Hana continues explaining how Senpai taught her by doing art together “hand in hand.”

Senpai introduces Nagatoro as just a “second-year student,” which seems to bother her. As the two argue, Hana asks if they are in a relationship, as she heard them arguing about a kiss before she walked in. However, the two quickly deny it, Senpai saying that he sometimes asks Nagatoro to model for him.

It’s clear when Gamo comes to pick Nagatoro up for their first judo practice that she is upset, if not a little jealous, by the idea of leaving Senpai and Hana alone, especially when Hana seems to respect him so much. Seeing this, Gamo lightens the mood by joking that Senpai has found himself another girl.

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As Senpai tries to insist that is not the case and that they will be working on their art, Hana begins to undress, saying that if Nagatoro can model in a swimsuit, then she’s prepared to model nude if she has to. After Senpai explains that Hana is the president’s cousin, the sudden nudity makes significantly more sense.

What does Hana notice when she looks at Senpai’s paintings of Nagatoro?

After observing Senpai’s paintings of Nagatoro, Hana tells him that she can see something different about them, specifically that they’re more colorful than his old art.

Why does Orihara accuse Nagatoro of being distracted?

Despite already having a blackbelt in judo, Nagatoro seems to struggle on her first day in practice. Having noticed the problem, Orihara wonders if something has Nagatoro distracted instead. Although Nagatoro tries her best to deny it, Gamo speaks up, saying that it’s because “her precious boyfriend might get taken from her.”

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 10 Ending Explained

Curious, Orihara begins to ask Gamo more questions about Nagatoro’s boyfriend, which she gladly answers. In an attempt to defend herself, Nagatoro claims that Hana’s relationship with Senpai is none of her business, but her expression tells her friends she is upset. Gamo and Orihara tease Nagatoro, wondering if she will choose judo or Senpai, but Nagatoro assures them she can have both.

Meanwhile, in the art room, Senpai tries to downplay his relationship with Nagatoro, which seems to confuse Hana, considering he’s painted numerous pictures of her. After a moment, Hana says she understands, calling the art room his and Nagatoro’s “forbidden love nest.” Without it, she wonders what he will do now, encouraging him to go after it and “grab love for himself” while quoting her equally as a passionate cousin, Sunomiya.

In the end, Senpai admits to missing Nagatoro but is unsure what to do, so Hana tells him he must ask her on a date.

There was far more romantic tension in this episode than in any previous episode, with Nagatoro being the more proactive of the two. It’s funny; while I always expected Nagatoro to struggle more with accepting her feelings, I thought she’d be the one to make the first move eventually. It turns out she wasn’t struggling much at all, as it seems Senpai is the one who’s confused here. Although he’s got far more confidence than he started with, he’s still unsure how to navigate his relationship with Nagatoro even when she’s dropping blatant hints.

While I enjoy that the series continues to take this romance slowly, I hope Senpai doesn’t take too long to figure out his feelings and make a proper move. The only thing worse than a slow burn that doesn’t pan out is watching your characters miss their opportunities for romance. Still, this episode was fun, and introducing new characters added drama and romance, giving the series a nice breath of fresh air in the second season.

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