Outlast Season 1 Review – the Hunger Games brought to life

By Romey Norton
Published: March 10, 2023 (Last updated: July 4, 2023)
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Survival of the fittest. With insane challenges and high-intensity gameplay, this hard-core show pushes 16 contestants to the limits in the Alaskan Wilderness. It will make you grateful for a decent cooked meal and a warm bed.

We review the Netflix survival series Outlast Season 1, which does not contain spoilers or reveal any eliminations. 

Survival shows have been popular for the last twenty years, at least. It is an excellent way for contestants to test their skills and physical and mental states. Bear Grylls‘ is one of the most famous on our screens for living alone in the wild.

Now, what happens when these lone wolves are put into a group? This game has no voting off; quitting is the only way out. The contestants must build their campsites, hunt for food, find fresh water, and keep warm. As well as achieving conquests set by the game masters.

Outlast Season 1 Review and Survival Game Premise

This survival competition series sees sixteen contestants (survival experts) who must outlast one another in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness. The winner gets an impressive and well-deserved giant prize pot of one million dollars. The cut-throat part is that they must be part of the team to win. Can they rely on and trust one another? Will they sacrifice to help their opponents, or will they play dirty? There are eight episodes to binge with varied runtimes, some are close to an hour, and some are close to half an hour. A narrator tells us their movements and intentions, helping drive the series. 

Each contestant arrives with nothing but the clothes on their back, and boxes are dropped from the sky, and that’s when the game begins. They have to quickly go into teams of four, just grabbing people close and who they like the look of. The fun part is that they can swap teams at any time and that there are no rules. You can set fire to other camps, steal, cheat, lie, and manipulate; it is the survival of the fittest game. Some of their inventions/survival techniques are impressive; they almost make it look easy. Almost.

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This series is hard-hitting. These contestants are cut-throat and are willing to do whatever it takes to win and outlast. I didn’t realize how serious this series was going to be. Even the dramatic orchestral music choices are intense. I felt my body tensing up a lot while watching, and I judged everyone quickly.

The contestants range from self-made business owners, hunters, engineers, and ex-military to convicted felons. There’s a mixture between males and females of all ages; they all have eagle eyes on that one-million-dollar prize. While there is serious competition amongst the team, many people are here to test themselves mentally and physically and test their abilities. Some survivors are more likable than others, naturally. There are a lot of egos in this competition, and people need to prove themselves, and there’s some tension regarding the skills and strengths between the genders, which causes drama. 

What is the nice part of the series is being able to see the gorgeous landscapes and wilderness of Alaska. It’s a beautiful, scary place. The weather ranges from the sun to severe and wet snow. There are some scary moments where contestants risk hypothermia, and one gets sick from drinking not clean water. However, it’s not only the weather the contestants have to be wary of; there are more than just bugs in the wilderness. 

Is Outlast Season 1 on Netflix good?

Yes – especially if you’re into survival shows. This series is full of intensity, gripping, and entertaining.

I feel I learned a lot of hints and tips. If I were ever in this situation, I would be out after day two, maximum. By day three, the Alaskan wilderness ruins three people, and they’re out. You have to be a particular type of person to enter this competition, and you’ll be hooked, watching to see who wins and how. 

What did you think of the Netflix survival series Outlast Season 1? Comment below.

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