Which Team won in Outlast Season 1?

By Romey Norton
Published: March 12, 2023 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Which Team won in Outlast Season 1 on Netflix? We discuss the outcome of the first season of Outlast and who came out on top. 

Outlast on Netflix is one hard-core survival show that puts the phrase’ survival of the fittest’ to new lengths. If you haven’t watched this show yet, you really should. Survival shows allow participants to push their skills and physical and mental states to the test.

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Survivalists are usually lone wolves, so what happens when these lone wolves are put into a group? There is no voting off in this game; quitting is the only way out. The contestants must build their campsites, hunt for food, find fresh water, and keep warm. As well as achieving conquests set by the game masters. With 16 starting contestants, who outlasted and won the giant Jackpot prize of one million dollars.?

Which Team won in Outlast Season 1 on Netflix?

Both Team Alpha and Team Charlie were strong by the end of episode seven, and while Team Charlie tried to take Jill (arguably the strongest person in Team Alpha), it was Justin who left team Alpha and joined Team Charlie. 

Jill and Amber would tag team and bully Justin, and there were a few times I thought they would abandon him or force him to leave camp. This was probably their downfall; their bullying tactics and madness caused by lack of food and sleep drove Justin to speak to Team Charlie and leave his group. Destroying their stuff and making team Alpha weaker.

However, Team Alpha manipulates Team Charlie into abandoning Justin, forcing Justin to use his flare and leave the game. The smug faces on Amber and Jill increase their confidence in winning. It became a boys’ team Vs. a girls’ team, and they were hungry for that victory. 

So who eventually won? After 36 days of grueling survival, and with one final challenge, the teams’ loyalty and strength are tested. Both teams have a similar distance and destination, but different terrain, and it’s a race to the finish line. 

TEAM CHARLIE GOT THERE FIRST! Making them the victorious group of Outlast season 1.

Who was part of Team Charlie Camp?

To begin with, Team Charlie comprised Nick, Seth, Angie, and Angela. Angela has to use her flare in episode one as she drank some unclean water and became incredibly sick. This left three, with everyone thinking they would be the weakest team. During one of the challenges, this team, especially Angie, proved themselves to be one of the strongest teams by building a raft, knowing and using the currents in the water to get to an island and get supplies for food. 

Then in a dramatic twist, Paul from Delta camp left two of his members and joined Team Charlie. Angie, unfortunately, was forced to leave due to illness, so by the end of episode six, Team Charlie is Nick, Seth, and Paul. With a wobble from Paul on the final challenge, they pulled it back as a strong team and won. 

Who was part of Team Alpha Camp?

To start Team Alpha consisted of Jill, Amber, Justin, and Lee. Lee was forced to leave and shoot his flare due to illness, leaving a team of three. 

Team Alpha was the scariest team. Some fans might even say they are pure evil. Amber and Jill were thick as thieves throughout this competition, but you knew that Jill would stab anyone in the back to win this competition, and maybe if she had, she might have won. 

Throughout the series, this team has caused drama, and while I enjoyed their evil ways I am glad they didn’t win. They should still be very impressed with their efforts, as they were competing and they did play the game, and almost outlasted. 

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