Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Episode 2 Recap – what happens during Queen Charlotte’s honeymoon?

By Lori Meek
Published: May 4, 2023 (Last updated: May 5, 2023)
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Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Episode 2 - Honeymoon Bliss,


The second episode finds Charlotte enjoying her honeymoon alone while her new husband refuses to explain why he’s staying away. A young Lady Banbury gets an opportunity to improve things in the ton for her side.

We recap the Netflix series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Episode 2, “Honeymoon Bliss,” which contains spoilers.

The second episode finds Charlotte (India Amarteifio) enjoying her honeymoon while her new husband refuses to explain why he’s staying away. A young Lady Banbury (Arsema Thomas), gets an opportunity to improve things in the ton for her side

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Episode 2 Recap

Young Charlotte’s honeymoon is anything but bliss. Not only is she lacking the presence of her new husband, but she’s not allowed to meet her ladies in waiting or attend any of the social events London’s known for because she’s supposed to be spending the first few days of marriage in privacy with her (absent) groom. 

When Charlotte decides to pay her husband an impromptu visit, she finds George in the Observatory, where it appears he’s been sleeping for the past few days.

She tries arguing with him, but he acts as if her anger at being abandoned straight after the wedding is unreasonable. 

What’s the relationship between Brimsley and Reynolds?

One thing we learn when Young Charlotte has her infuriating fight with George is that her servant Brimsley and the King’s loyal man, Reynolds (Freddie Dennis), are romantically involved.

Reynold’s loyalty, however, is firmly with his King, not his lover. So he repeatedly refuses to explain why George is acting so distant with his new wife, despite Brimsley’s best efforts to find out. 

Princess Augusta finds herself in a delicate position. Her decision to give titles to people of color is now dubbed the Great Experiment among Parliament and the ton, so she’s feeling a great deal of pressure to ensure the marriage’s success. 

Speaking of marital duty, poor Agatha is forced to endure more of it than she can stand. The newly appointed Lord Danbury vents out his frustrations of not being fully accepted into the ton despite the shiny new title in the bedroom. 

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To help ease Charlotte’s loneliness, George sends her an adorable pomeranian puppy. Instead of appreciating the gesture, she hilariously dubs him a “deformed bunny.” 

Bored, Young Charlotte invites Agatha for tea at Brimsley’s suggestion. During the visit, to her horror, Agatha learns about the Queen’s virginity. So she takes it upon herself to explain what needs to happen in the marital bed. With drawings. 

After learning about Agatha’s visit with the new Queen, Princess Augusta summons her because she desperately needs to know if Charlotte and George consummated their marriage. 

What’s the agreement between Agatha and Princess Augusta?

Ever so clever, Agatha refuses to give out any information but is willing to make a deal with the Dowager Princess. She wants her husband (along with all the newly appointed titled members of her side) to have the same rights as the rest of the nobility, including invitations to hunting parties, gentlemen’s clubs, and, of course, the income and lands normally accompanying aristocratic titles. 

She gets her wish, and the next time we see her, Agatha’s at her husband’s side, about to move into their new manor. Of course, Lord Danbury has no idea his wife made this happen, nor does he care to think his good fortune is anything less than a reward for his excellency. 

The love story begins

Charlotte is surprised to find her husband ready to join her for dinner. Angry at first, she eventually warms up to him after he charms her with Venus (the planet) in his Observatory. And the two newlyweds finally consummate their marriage. 

Present-Day Queen Charlotte’s matchmaking efforts

In present-day Bridgerverse, Queen Charlotte is trying to convince her sons (with no success) to leave their mistresses and find respectable wives. 

She invited Lady Danbury and Viscountess Bridgerton, asking them both for advice. Eventually, the Queen decides to arrange marriages for her sons and not worry herself with love or other such frivolities. 

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Episode 2 Ending Explained

Young Charlotte, after spending the night with George, is keenly seeking him and hoping they will have breakfast together. Instead, she overhears him yelling at his mother and implying that everything he’s done with Charlotte was “for the crown.”

After Augusta’s departure, the King collapses in his chair. Reynolds immediately agrees to call for a doctor, but not before promising never to tell Charlotte about his ailment. What is he hiding?

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