Recap – what happened in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story? (Episodes 1-6)

By Lori Meek
Published: May 4, 2023 (Last updated: May 5, 2023)
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Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Recap - Episodes 1 - 6


A prequel to Bridgerton, the six-episode miniseries created by Shonda Rhimes follows fan-favorite Queen Charlotte’s rise to power following her wedding to King George. 

We recap the 2023 Netflix prequel series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Episodes 1-6), which contains spoilers as it details what happened.

A prequel to Bridgerton, the six-episode miniseries created by Shonda Rhimes follows fan-favorite Queen Charlotte’s rise to power following her wedding to King George. Expanding on the Brigerton universe, the series shows how Charlotte’s rise to power shaped the ton we’ve grown to know and love in the first two seasons. 

Recap – what happened in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story? (Episodes 1-6)

Episode 1 – “Queen to Be”

When we first meet a young Charlotte, she’s less than pleased about her betrothed to the King of England, so much so that she tries jumping over a fence to escape her wedding. Luckily George catches her in time and charms her into marrying him. 

From the beginning, the relationship between the young Queen and her mother-in-law, Princess Augusta, is strained. 

A young Agatha Danbury is stuck in a passionless marriage with a much older man. 

As the Queen is a woman of color, Princess Augusta decides to start the desegregation of the ton by giving titles to the wealthy POC in society, thus creating the Great Experiment. 

After the wedding, George baffles his new bride by immediately separating from her. 

In the present, Queen Charlotte is concerned about the succession after her only legitimate granddaughter tragically loses her life in childbirth. 

Episode 2 – “Honeymoon Bliss”

The young newlywed spends most of her honeymoon alone, while the King refuses to explain his absence. He does, however, sents her puppy for company. 

After a visit with the new Queen, Lady Danbury makes a deal with Princess Augusta offering her information on the state of Charlotte’s marriage in exchange for equal privileges for the newly titled members of the ton. 

George and Charlotte briefly reconcile and consummate their marriage, only for the relationship to grow cold again after the Queen overhears an argument between him and Princess Augusta. 

Episode 3 – “Even Days”

Charlotte and George have their joint coronation, but the relationship between them is complicated at best. She doesn’t understand him, but the pair eventually reconcile after Lady Danbury explains to Charlotte how many people depend on the success of her marriage. 

Lady Danbury holds the first ball of the season, which is a triumph thanks to both the King and Queen attending it. Lord Danbury tragically dies while having intercourse with his wife. 

The Queen witnesses her husband having a fit of “madness” and helps get him inside. 

Episode 4 – “Holding the King”

We see the story so far from the King’s perspective. He’s been plagued with “fits” his whole life and had one mere week before the wedding. 

Desperate, his mother hires a mysterious doctor whose methods are questionable, to say the leads. While George was trying to get away from the doctor and enjoy life with his wife, the news of Charlotte’s pregnancy causes the fit she witnesses. 

Episode 5 – “Gardens in Bloom”

A pregnant Charlotte spends the episode trying to escape her situation. Her brother, Prince Adolphus, comes to England but won’t take her home, which could cause a war. 

The poor King hands himself over to the doctor’s monstrous treatment methods and spends weeks being tortured by him. 

A young Agatha is trying to figure out her identity after her husband’s death. She has an affair with Lord Ledger, Violet Bridgerton’s father.

Lord Danbury’s death leaves Agatha financially vulnerable as the Crown has yet to decide if inheritance laws apply to the newly appointed title.

By the end of the episode, Charlotte decides to take control. She dismisses the doctor and frees George from his literal torture chamber. 

In the present, Queen Charlotte arranges marriages for two of her sons, while Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton open up to each other, strengthening their bond. 

Episode 6 – “Crown Jewels”

Charlotte and George confess their love for one another, and she vows to stay by his side regardless of his mental health conditions. She delivers a healthy baby boy, and the royal couple hosts their first ball together. 

The Queen’s mother, Augusta, finally shows Charlotte the respect she’s due and thanks her for making George happy. 

Prince Adolphus courts and proposes marriage to Agatha, but she decides against it. 

In the present, Violet learns about the affair between Agatha and her father. And Queen Charlotte receives news that her son and his new bride are expecting a child. 

The series ends with Queen Charlotte telling her husband that they’re about to become grandparents. 

That is the full story recap of what happened in the Netflix prequel series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Episodes 1-6). What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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