Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Episode 3 Recap – how does Charlotte learn of her husband’s condition?

May 4, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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In Episode 3, Charlotte and the King struggle to find common ground despite the obvious attraction between them. Young Agatha takes bold steps to secure her and her husband’s societal position. 

We recap the Netflix series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Episode 3, “Even Days,” which contains spoilers.

In Episode 3, Charlotte (India Amarteifio) and the King struggle to find common ground despite the obvious attraction between them. Young Agatha (Arsema Thomas) takes bold steps to secure her and her husband’s societal position. 

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Episode 3 Recap

Things have been rather cold between Young Charlotte and George. The two barely speak to each other but do a fantastic job feigning happiness during public events like their Coronation. 

While Agatha knows how displeased the new Queen is in her marriage, she assures Princess Augusta of the Royal couple’s happiness. 

What happens on Even Days?

The pair aren’t on speaking terms but agreed to perform marital duties on Even Days to produce an heir. Performing said duties is, however, a passionate and steamy affair. 

On Coronation day, Brimsley notices a mysterious doctor consulting the King, but Reynolds swears him to secrecy. Reynolds may be the King’s man, but Brimsley is the Queen’s, so he can’t stop himself from telling her. Unsurprisingly, this leads to a quarrel between the two lovers. 

When Charlotte asks about the doctor, George dismisses her concerns.

Agatha, on the other hand, has bigger issues. Pressured by her husband, she asks Augusta for permission to host the season’s first ball. As the Dowager Princess fails to give a straight answer, the Young Lady Danbury, decides to send out invitations anyway. 

Why is ton reluctant to attend the Dandury Ball?

Unfortunately, several members of the ton are displeased with the prospect of allowing someone from Agatha’s side to host a ball. Among them is Lady Ledger (Katie Brayben), mother to none other than the future Viscountess Bridgerton, Violet (played by Connie Jenkins-Greig). 

While young Violet and her dad, Lord Ledger (Keir Charles), are in favor of desegregating the ton, Lady Ledger despises the idea. 

Facing pressure to cancel her ball, Agatha approaches the Queen for help. If Charlotte was oblivious to the stakes or the Great Experiment, she’s not anymore. 

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Finally, understanding how much other people are counting on her, Charlotte feels she can finally see her husband’s point of view. The two reconcile and stop the odd day / even day nonsense. 

The new Queen also convinces the King to make a statement by going to Agatha’s ball, despite him not usually attending social events. The ball is a success, complete with dancing to a classical rendition of Alicia Keys’s I Ain’t Got You

Lord Danbury’s final hurrah

Both Lord and Lady Danbury are ecstatic with how well their night went. Unsurprisingly, Lord Danbury takes all the credit before dragging his poor wife upstairs to “celebrate.” 

Sadly, this would be the last time the old Lord Danbury gets to show off his impressive stamina. And fortunately, the last time we have to endure watching Young Agatha fulfilling dreadful marital acts.

Lord Danbury dies during intercourse with his wife, leaving behind a grieving (read: overjoyed) widow.

The present-day conflict between Lady Danbury and Violet

In present-day Bridgerverse, Lady Danbury runs into Violet Bridgerton at the church. The Viscountess is there commemorating her late husband’s birthday. She takes great joy remembering how much he loved homemade paper hats she used to make for the occasion.

Lady Danbury tells Violet how “fortunate” she was before walking away. 

Unsurprisingly, the Viscountess is hurt and confused, and it takes some serious insistence from Lady Danbury before she agrees to see her again. 

When the two women finally get together, Agatha opens up about her experience of being married to her much older and misogynistic husband. When she said Violet was fortunate, she meant fortunate for the love and happiness she got to share with Edmund

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Episode 3 Ending Explained

At the palace, present-day Queen Charlotte is decorating the Christmas Tree (a tradition she’s said to have started in England) and asks Brimsley for his opinion on why her daughters never married. His reply is heartbreaking; They couldn’t leave their mother alone after the King became permanently ill. 

How does Charlotte learn of her husband’s condition?

Back to Young Charlotte, she’s woken in the night to George mumbling and drawing on the walls. Confused, she follows him outside, where he’s naked and speaking to Venus (the one in the sky). Bewildered, the young Queen talks her husband down and lovingly brings him back inside. 

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