Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – “The Pit”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: May 4, 2023 (Last updated: May 5, 2023)
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Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Episode 8 Recap - "The Pit"


“The Pit” is Star Wars down to its very thematic core, where the power of hope and light wins out over everything.

This recap of Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Episode 8, “The Pit”, contains spoilers.

“The Pit” is a collaboration between Lucasfilm and the Japanese 2D animation studio D’art Shtaijo, which is perhaps why it feels, on a thematic level, like the most quintessential Star Wars story that has ever existed, despite looking distinctly like an anime.

It also benefits from the vocal talents of Daveed Diggs, who for once doesn’t have to sing or rap at all. So, that’s a nice change for him.

Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

The basic idea, plot-wise, concerns a large group of slaves who’re marched across a desert by Imperial stormtroopers and forced to dig. Deep. They’re mining kyber crystals, the precious stones that form the basis for lightsabers and various other things in the Star Wars universe.

In a sadistic touch that feels like something that wouldn’t be out of place in Andor, once the prisoners are finished digging, too deep beneath the earth to ever be able to escape, the Imperials just pack up and leave them to it.

The frustrating thing, aside from being buried alive in a grave you yourself were forced to dig, is that there’s a giant, prosperous city very nearby. The well-to-do citizens have no idea the slaves are out there, all while benefitting from the kyber they mined, which the Empire has obviously taken credit for.

One of the prisoners, Crux, is determined to escape from the pit The Dark Knight Rises style and summon help from the city folk. He manages to climb out and reach the bustling settlement, but nobody pays any attention to him until he makes a giant scene, attracting the attention of some stormtroopers.

Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Episode 8 Ending Explained

The stormtroopers stun Crux, drag him back to the pit, and toss him back down to his death.

However, his mission was accomplished. As the slaves in the pit begin chanting “Follow the light”, the people from the city begin to file out into the desert, heading toward the pit.

The Imperials, fearing being outnumbered in a bloody rebellion, just abandon the settlement, while the city folk rescue the slaves in the pit.

Even within the darkest of circumstances, hope prevails.

You can stream Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Episode 8, “The Pit” exclusively on Disney+.

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