Deadloch Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – What drug was found inside the dead bodies?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 9, 2023 (Last updated: February 28, 2024)
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Deadloch Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - What drug was found inside the dead bodies?


The writers continue to find their groove with the perfect balance of mystery and comedy. Episode three did a great job of ramping up the stakes for what’s ahead.

This recap of the Prime Video series Deadloch Season 1 Episode 4 contains spoilers.

The hunt for who killed Gavin and Trent is ramping up on Deadloch. Dulcie and Redcliffe shift their focus to the women of Deadloch, and it opens the door to suspects and sends the ladies on a wild goose chase.

Deadloch Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The episode begins with Dulcie and Cath at therapy while Redcliffe talks to a mannequin facing her fears of returning to the shack she was staying at. Cath’s lack of communication is the stickler right now, and Dulcie explains that it’s hard to talk to her, especially about work.

Now Phil is talking to the local news about his frustrations with how the town has handled the murders. Also, the same journalist wrote a condemning interview about Detective Redcliffe, saying she isn’t suited for the job after attacking her coworkers and the city. She gathers the team around to apologize to them and lets Dulcie take over talking about the case.

Who are the list of female suspects?

Dulcie announces that they believe that it is a woman who may have committed the murders. So they advise the women who are possible suspects. They are Sharelle Muir, Vanessa Lathan, Victoria O’Dwyer, Skye O’Dwyer, and Margaret Carruthers.

Detective Redcliffe and Dulcie are heading over to sit with Margaret to discuss the case. Redcliffe asks what the town thinks of her plan for Deadloch, and Margaret says that many people threw some roadkill all over the festival in protest. Dulcie asks if Gavin and Trent were part of the protests, and she says yes.

Aleyna reveals she wasn’t part of Rod’s succession plan upon his death and tells Dulcie and Redcliffe that without Margaret’s backing, she would’ve never been the mayor.

What drug was found inside the dead bodies?

Pentobarbital was found inside Gavin and Nathan’s bodies. The only person that has access to this in the city is Cath. Redcliffe and Dulcie question her about who she gave access to, and Cath gets slightly defensive. After shoeing away Redcliffe, Dulcie butters up Cath and gets her to agree to email over who she has prescribed it to, including telling her she gave it to Margaret.

Abby reveals that Margaret and Rod were estranged and hated each other’s guts. As a result, Detective Redcliffe pushes Dulcie to use this as a chance to further interrogate Margaret for more information. However, Margaret is doing a speaking engagement where she reveals to the audience and Redcliffe/Dulcie that she was out of the country when she found out her husband died. Because of this, Redcliffe/Dulcie must take her name off the suspect list.

Michelle tells Detective Redcliffe and Dulcie that she has information that she has to admit to. However, as she rambles, the ladies are about to throw in the towel when they discover something she said, leading them to realize that Sam was the first victim, not Rod. Dulcie gets a call from the medical examiner, who states that she found a pub from a woman inside the mouth of Sam. They head to talk to Victoria (Sam’s wife) to ask her for a DNA sample.

Dulcie tells Redcliffe to shower in her house while they prep for the case. As they walk in, Cath has a surprise birthday party for Dulcie. As things get weird at the party, someone reveals that things are weird because Dulcie had an affair with a detective, so they moved to Deadloch to start over.

The ladies hear that the Mayor is scheduled to make a big announcement, and they rush to stop her. The Mayor announces that the gym and the toilets will be named after Gavin and Trent. However, as the press grills her about the cases, Detective Redcliffe interrupts her and says there is no new update.

Deadloch Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Abby confronts Sharelle about Sam O’Dwye and tells her that Sam was involved with many women and could’ve been anyone. While that happens, Kate calls Dulcie to confirm that the hair isn’t Margaret’s. The press continues to push for answers from Redcliffe, and she passes out. The episode ends with us seeing someone in a house, where we see the double-bladed knife as they prep another syringe.

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