The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – who is Ruthie?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 7, 2023 (Last updated: July 10, 2023)
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Prime Video series The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Episode 5 - I Never Dont Find ‘Em - Recap


“I Never Don’t Find ‘Em” is another rushed installment that takes many convenient shortcuts while telling its story. There’s gore and plenty of twists in episode five, but the show is rapidly running out of steam, losing its earlier momentum.

We recap the Prime Video series The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Episode 5, “I Never Don’t Find ‘Em,” which contains spoilers.

As we pass the halfway point in the series, Dolores (Justina Machado) searches for her ex-boyfriend Dominic so that she can hopefully kill the traitor herself.

In “I Never Don’t Find ‘Em,” a private investigator hunts down the treacherous drug dealer for Dolores. While Luis (Alejandro Hernandez) offers the locals a new flavor of empanada, and the cannibal continues to expertly cover his tracks.

The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Who is Ruthie?

The episode begins backstage at the theater. Dolores is there to meet a private investigator called Ruthie (Cyndi Lauper). This rather sweet-looking usher asks what the job is. Dolores wants Ruthie to find her ex, Dominic. However, Ruthie gets cold feet when she discovers that he is a drug dealer and Dolores was also involved in his drugs business too.

Dolores pleads with Ruthie, stating that Dominic set her up and cost her sixteen years of her life. Ruthie sympathizes but proposes that Dolores gets a therapist instead of revenge.

Eventually, Dolores persuades Ruthie to change her mind. Ruthie asks for two weeks to find the criminal.

On her way home, Dolores spies Jeremiah, the delivery man, stalking her. He offers to give her a lift to Luis’ apartment. They discuss Dolores’ future prospects on the drive.

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Jeremiah asks about Luis, whose restaurant has become surprisingly popular all of a sudden. He’s upset that Luis is ignoring his calls and using a different butcher instead.

Jeremiah is starting to get suspicious.

What does Ruthie find about Dominic?

At Empanada Loca, the new flavored empanadas are in hot demand. Luis has apparently wasted no time at all in placing Marcie on the menu. And Ruthie is already back with answers. She believes that Dominic is dead, having died in a fire in the Dominican Republic twelve years ago.

She shows Dolores photos of the crime scene and Dominic’s remains. Dolores is enraged, wanting to kill Dominic herself. She doesn’t know what to do with herself now that he is dead. She is unable to get her revenge.

Back in the restaurant, Jonah is putting up missing person posters for his father, Gideon Pearlman. Jonah informs Dolores that his father’s last credit card transaction was located in this area.

Ruthie overhears Jonah talking and offers her services as a private investigator.

Dolores panics, knowing just how skilled Ruthie is in finding people. She runs down to the basement to tell Luis, but she can’t find him.

Dolores then enters Luis’ room for the first time. It looks like a child’s bedroom, which goes some way to explaining Luis’ immature mindset.

What does Dolores find in Luis’ bathroom?

She continues into the bathroom, where she finds Gideon’s haunting remains. This horrifying scene includes Gideon’s mutilated corpse and Marcie’s body parts all just strewn around the place. Dolores realizes that she’s caused all this insanity. Luis then appears out of nowhere, frightening her.

Luis promises that he will get rid of the evidence, but he doesn’t want the remains thrown in a river or the sea. The cannibal cook swears that he will take full blame for these crimes if it ever came down to it.

Dolores doesn’t want to go back to prison and is thankful for Luis’ loyalty. She explains the situation with Ruthie and Jonah.

How does Luis stop the search party?

Outside, Jeremiah speaks with Ruthie while Jonah puts up more missing posters. Ruthie inspects the CCTV cameras in the local area, but the one next to Luis’ shop isn’t working. Luis decides to take matters into his own hands. He uses Gideon’s phone and sends Jonah a message. The text message states that he is dealing with gambling debt and will be gone for a few weeks.

Jonah reads the message while putting up posters with Dolores. He buys the lies and decides to call off the search immediately.

Luis is delighted to hear that his plan has worked. He promises to protect Dolores. The couple then make out and have sex in the basement.

The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained 

The episode concludes with Luis and Dolores cuddling in bed afterward. Luis has figured out Dolores’ plans to find Dominic, having hired a  private investigator. He’s adamant that Dominic is still alive, though. Luis thinks the drug dealer faked his own death.

Dolores burns the crime scene photographs, happy to follow a new lead instead. Someone Dominic is in contact with lives on the third floor. Dolores is eager to meet this acquaintance Sophia Morris herself.

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