King the Land Season 1 Episode 16 Recap and Ending Explained

By Nathan Sartain
Published: August 6, 2023 (Last updated: August 17, 2023)
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King the Land Season 1 Episode 16 Recap and Ending Explained


A pleasant, smile-raising finish to the series.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series King the Land Season 1 Episode 16 contains spoilers, including an open discussion of the ending of King the Land Season 1.

Nice and agreeable, the finale of King the Land allowed the show to finish neatly, and without any fuss. There was plenty to smile about by the end, and it does feel like the lead couple got fitting endings for how their characters developed over the course of these 16 episodes.

King the Land Season 1 Episode 16 Recap

How does Sa-rang leave King the Land?

We begin with a major clarification. Sa-rang doesn’t want to leave Gu Won, but rather King the Land, due to her belief she isn’t being fulfilled in her work. Instead, the concierge wants to give her own hotel a shot, “no matter how tiny it is.” In response, Gu Won postpones his plans to propose, saving it for later, and spending his energy on supporting his partner’s ambitions.

The next day, Sa-rang officially informs Il-hun of her intentions of quitting and seems to win his approval through a claim she cannot live without Gu Won. Following that, the concierge says her goodbyes to everyone, marking the end of her time with King Hotel.

What does Sa-rang do with her own hotel?

As Da-eul continues to get back at her husband for his wrongdoings, Gu Won changes how King the Land works. Now, standard rooms get upgraded services, with the idea being “everyone is a VIP.” That, and the staff find their working conditions improve too, while Sang-sik receives a promotion to strategic planning department manager.

After a detailed search, Sa-rang finds the location for her own hotel and begins to decorate. In this endeavor, she is helped by her grandmother, who presents a range of bank books with more than enough money to provide a safety net.

Why does Hwa-ran stop Ji-hu from leaving?

Fortunately, Hwa-ran heeds the advice given to her by Gu Won to no longer live “a lonely life,” and refuses to let Ji-hu leave to return to America. Concurrently, King Hotel’s President impresses the media with his plans to expand into Europe, as well as ensure his business is a place “where everyone can smile from their heart.”

Ahead of her hotel’s opening, Gu Won visits Sa-rang to offer his encouragement. There, the two have a heart-to-heart as well, reminiscing on the early days of their relationship, and their love, before spending the night together.

What happens when Gu Won proposes to Sa-rang?

Next, Ro-un takes Pyeong-hwa to his mother’s resting place, where she is introduced to the flight attendant and encouraged to “watch over” the happy couple. Elsewhere, Sa-rang’s hotel continues to be a fully-booked success, and Gu Won cannot help but get involved with helping out.

After humorously “hiring” her partner to work weekends, Sa-rang suddenly receives Gu Won’s marriage proposal. Of course, this is accepted, and the two embrace following a mutual declaration of love.

At Sun-hui’s birthday celebration, Gu Won informs the elder of his intention to marry Sa-rang. In response, the hotelier’s grandmother begins to cry, happy to support the two in the cementing of their relationship.

King the Land Season 1 Ending Explained

On his wedding day, Gu Won is congratulated by his father, who passes on his well wishes. Then, the event properly starts, and the series ends with Gu Won and Sa-rang officially tying the knot, watched on by friends and family.

There is a nice epilogue too, which shows the pair suit shopping for Gu Won.

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