The Tailor Season 3 Ending Explained – Do Peyami and Esvet end up together?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 5, 2023
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The Tailor Season 3 Ending
The Tailor Season 3 | Image via Netflix

Allow me to spare you the suspense – The Tailor Season 3 doesn’t really have an ending. Sure, it brings the central dynamic to something of a resolution, but then promptly undoes that with a cliffhanger that implies it might go on forever. Peyami and Esvet are together, then not, then together again, while Dimitri knows, doesn’t, then definitely knows what’s going on between them. It takes until Episode 8 for this circuitous love triangle to finally start to move in a new direction after seven half-hours of gaslighting and treading water, but the ultimate, worrying conclusion is that we haven’t seen the last of it quite yet.

The Tailor Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

You could sum up this season on a postcard. Peyami, traveling for his business and working on his family life after reuniting with his mother, Kiraz, at the end of Season 2, is keeping away from Esvet, who is playing happy families with Dimitri. That is, of course, until he isn’t.

Esvet and Peyami begin to have an affair behind Dimitri’s back, and Dimitri becomes increasingly suspicious of it, though can’t find proof. Esvet and Peyami gaslight him about it, debate on whether to come clean and keep talking themselves out of it until Dimitri’s father, Ari, finds proof.

Do Peyami and Esvet end up together?

Dimitri organizes a creepy dinner at a remote warehouse for himself, Peyami, and Esvet, where he reveals that before his death – which Peyami helped Dimitri to cover up his involvement in – Ari proved that the two loves of his life were having an affair behind his back.

Dimitri has rigged the warehouse to blow with everyone inside. Peyami is able to talk him down by reminiscing about old times, and in so doing, Dimitri realizes that he truly loves Esvet. Having a change of heart, he allows them both to leave, though remains behind himself to be seemingly killed in the explosion.

With Dimitri out of the picture, Peyami and Esvet end up together in the Season 3 finale. After finding a letter that Dimitri had written them, both decide they have essentially been given his blessing and shouldn’t feel guilty about how they carried on while he was “alive”. All the sneaking around can end, and the two of them can be fully together. Or can they?

How does The Tailor Season 3 end?

The Tailor Season 3 had a perfect opportunity to end here, but it couldn’t help itself. In the final moments, it is revealed that Dimitri survived the warehouse explosion. He’s badly scarred and missing an eye, but Dimitri is very much alive.

This is revealed while Dimitri creepily watches his best friend and wife from a distance, strongly implying that he is far from over the whole ordeal and that Peyami and Esvet don’t have his blessing to be together at all.

One suspects that disfiguring Dimitri is a cheap way of making him more “villainous”, a kind of dated shorthand that The Tailor isn’t above, since Mustafa remains a blatantly offensive caricature of mental health sufferers. Speaking of which…

The third season also ends by wrapping up the subplot it spent the entire time neglecting, with Mustafa and Kiraz, now married, embracing Osman and his grandson as their own family. Mustafa and Kiraz got a second chance, and will presumably have a much less tumultuous time together than Peyami and Esvet.

What did you think of The Tailor Season 3 Episode 8 and the ending? Let us know in the comments.

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