Space Force season 1, episode 7 recap and breakdown New fuel.



Space Force season 1, episode 7, “EDISON JAYMES” sees the pressure growing on Mark as the POTUS wants results and quick.

This recap of Netflix series Space Force season 1, episode 7, “EDISON JAYMES” contains significant spoilers.

How does Space Force season 1, episode 7, “EDISON JAYMES” open?

Episode 7 sees the POTUS still mad at Mark regarding India beating the US and sends tech entrepreneur Edison Jaymes to the base to help clean up the “mess”. When they meet, she instantly tries to sell her fuel and Mallory sarcastically claps. Space Force season 1, episode 7 pits a private firm against a public entity. Meanwhile, Captain Ali speaks to Chan and wants him to teach her botany, which at first he is not pleased with.

Impressing Mark

When Mark describes his survival tactics when out on duty, Edison tries charming him by calling him an innovator. He tells her an idea of the ability to shake hands with people across the world using booths and mannequins. Edison claims she likes his vision and that he will change the world. Edison Jaymes presents “skinny” fuel. Mallory asks what the molecular design of the fuel is as they’ve been trying to create something similar for years but she brushes it off with more sales talk. Afterward, Mallory is skeptical but Mark believes Mallory is trying to undermine him because Edison Jaymes thinks he’s smart. Mark tells him they are going ahead with “skinny” fuel and Mallory is frustrated.


Nearing the end of Space Force season 1, episode 7 and Captain Ali and Chan have their first session together to study plants. Ali reveals she wants to fly into space and wants Chan to take her seriously. Tony learns off Edison’s publicist Hannah that the “skinny” fuel may not work when she says Edison creates hundreds of projects so it doesn’t look as bad if only one of them work.

Mark, Mallory, and Edison get ready for the test launch with the new fuel. Tony grabs Mark and Mallory and raises his suspicions about the fuel. The test goes ahead and Mark tells a nervous Edison Jaymes that he went off the books with the “skinny” fuel and used “zero” of the fuel to call her bulls***. He tells her to ring the POTUS and tell him that they don’t need any outside help from private companies — in return she appears to have been successful with her fuel.

How does Space Force season 1, episode 7, “EDISON JAYMES” end?

A few days later Mallory and Chan tell Mark that the Prospector Satellite is now in orbit around the moon. Mark has the first images and he sees a Chinese flag — China is further along than them. He laughs and says, “Those Chinese bast**** did it”. Space Force season 1, episode 7, “EDISON JAYMES” sees the pressure growing on Mark as the POTUS wants results and quick.

Additional notes
  • Erin checks out one of Edison Jayme’s car and spills ice cream all over it. Erin needs to have a cover story and learns that Duncan has no imagination. The soldier has been reading to impress Erin but they are mostly conspiracies from websites.
  • Tony is frustrated by Edison’s arrival as he was dismissed by her when employed by her company.
  • Tony ends up kissing the publicist Hannah.

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