Lost in Space season 3 – do they make it to Alpha Centauri in the end?

December 1, 2021
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This article, “do they make it to Alpha Centauri in the end,” contains major spoilers regarding Lost in Space season 3. 

The primary mission in Lost in Space is getting to Alpha Centauri. Dubbed the “new home,” it’s humanity’s only hope in continuing civilization and away from threats. It’s an extension to the multiple planetary systems launched by humans. Season 3 hones in on the objective after two seasons of our characters getting nowhere near the new planet, apart from a fleeting chance in season 2. There’s real hope in season 3 that the Robinson family and their friends will finally reach the paradise planet and enjoy a new life.

Do they make it to Alpha Centauri in the end in Lost in Space season 3?

The answer is yes, the crew accompanying the Robinson family, kids and adults, make it to Alpha Centauri. However, it does not come without effort. At the start of season 3, the parents and kids are separated across the universe, unable to get to each other. The first half of season 3 sees various plot points detailing how the children reunite with the adults.

Eventually, after more threats from SAR, they all reach Alpha Centauri. However, to be safe on the new planet, the Robinson family and their acquaintance have to find a way to defeat SAR so they can obtain a peaceful life. The finale of season 3 sees the final war materialize; for freedom and a new life.

Reaching Alpha Centauri is a natural conclusion for Lost in Space. Once they reach the planet, there’s genuine optimism that the threats will stop. Season 3 goes through these moments, knowing the audience has waited for this moment for many chapters. When they finally reach the planet, Maureen immediately says, “it’s beautiful,” and the visual effects work to convince the audience of her observations.

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