Emily In Paris season 2 – why is the omelette pan a vital piece of evidence?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 22, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Why is the omelette pan a vital piece of evidence in Emily In Paris season 2 - Netflix series

This article, “why is the omelette pan a vital piece of evidence,” contains spoilers regarding Emily In Paris season 2.

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Remember in season 1 when Gabriel was very adamant about having the right pan for an omelette? He’s so passionate about it; even washing it appears to be against the rules. But he is a chef, after all, and making a fine omelette takes time and patience (trust me, I know this, I make a fine omelette).

However, it appears the writers decided to have more fun with this surprisingly relevant plot device. The omelette pan returns in season 2 and it’s not a positive addition to the story unlike the previous season. In fact, it serves as a trigger point for a pivotal moment in the story.

Why is the omelette pan a vital piece of evidence in Emily In Paris season 2?

At a dinner party for Emily’s birthday, Camille heads inside Emily’s apartment to get the champagne. While picking up a bottle, she notices (for a second time) that Emily has the same omelette pan as Gabriel. In the first three episodes of season 2, Camille wonders what the real reason is for Gabriel staying in Paris.

After closer inspection of the pan, she notices the unique letters engraved on it. She suddenly realises that the omelette pan in Emily’s apartment is Gabriel’s. Unfortunately, this becomes a vital piece of evidence; Camille puts recent events together and comes to the correct conclusion that Emily slept with her boyfriend.

The omelette pan strikes in an unsuspecting way in season 2, causing friction between two friends, pining for one French man. Will the omelette pan return in season 3? Surely not. Camille throw it into the toilet after all, so it needs a good clean. But you never know. The writers clearly like it as a plot device.

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