Renewed or Cancelled – will there be a season 3 of Space Force?

February 17, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be season 3 of the Netflix series Space Force and its renewed or cancelled status.

Space Force is not The Office-inspired series we deserve. After a freshman season that was heavy on political satire but light on things called jokes, Greg Daniels and Steve Carell went all in by mimicking the series that made them rich and famous. The series was given a surprising season two renewal and a shortened seven-episode season that seems to be the equivalent of George Clooney floating through the great unknown waiting to die. 

So, the question remains, will there be a third season? Or will it find its way into its final descent?

Will there be a season 3 of Space Force on Netflix – renewed or canceled status

Status: TBC

Netflix wanted their own The Office sitcom and gave Space Force a reprieve. The second season was such a straight attempt at The Office-inspired comedy to right the ship, it almost satirizes that series. As of today, there has been no update on the renewal of the Netflix comedy series. For such a high-profile series that was such a critical failure, it was a surprise it made its way back, especially when you consider the number of bottle episodes and shortened season. This would suggest the service either was contractually obligated to give them a second season, or Netflix wants to keep the relationship with Daniels and Carell cordial for future projects. 

Netflix has a history of canceling series swiftly, and not many get past season three. Considering last summer’s blood bath of sitcom cancellations, there is little chance for the third season of Space Force unless there are other factors at play that we mentioned above. 

Finally, considering the entire season seemed to be winding the clock on the final season (and the characters and series storylines), and that Daniels may have cancelled his own series based on the season ending with a giant asteroid hurdling towards earth, it seems season three is not in the picture. 

Prediction: Look for cancellation by Netflix by May. 

Check back for updates on Space Force’s renewal or cancellations status!

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