Thai Cave Rescue – who is Namhom?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 22, 2022 (Last updated: November 25, 2023)
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This article, “who is Namhom,” contains significant spoilers about the Netflix series Thai Cave Rescue.

In Thai Cave Rescue, 12 young footballers (also known as the Wild Boars) are stuck in a cave after horrendous weather conditions leave them trapped. And whilst the ordeal is obviously horrific for those trapped in the cave, it is also traumatic for the parents of the 12 boys. And in the six-episode mini-series, it is Namhom, the mother of Mark, whose story feels the most devastating. 

Thai Cave Rescue – who is Namhom?

She is a broken mother throughout most of the series. After she learns about the Wild Boars being trapped in the cave, her instincts as a mother lead her to the site. From there, she spends much of the show hoping and praying for Mark’s safe return.

What does Namhom do in Thai Cave Rescue?

After Namhom makes it to the cave site, the guards pay little attention to her concern. They seem to believe that she is “nuts”, and that her son is not among those trapped within the cave. It is only when Namhom manages to shout down the Governor that she is allowed on site. After Namhom reveals that she has no documents, she tells the guards to explain why she would risk it all if her son weren’t among the 13 people trapped in the cave.

The Governor senses that she is feeling genuine grief and gives her access to the site. From that moment on, she spends the rest of the season holding out for any updates regarding the cave rescue mission. As Mark is small, the experts struggle to find a diving mask that is the right size for his face. And for a while, it seems that Mark may not be able to survive the rescue mission. Because of the issues, Mark is the last person to be brought out of the cave. And when there’s a landslide as he is brought out of the cave, Namhom fears that her son has died. Luckily for Namhom and Mark, though, he survives the ordeal.

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