You Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – what does Rhys want from Joe?

March 9, 2023
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In episode 6, Joe tries and fails to get rid of his former friend, now nemesis, Rhys Montrose. Instead, he’s forced to do whatever Rhys tells him, including finding someone to pin the murders on.

We recap the Netflix series You Season 4 Episode 6, “Best of Friends,” which contains spoilers.

In Episode 6, Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) tries and fails to get rid of his former friend, now nemesis, Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers). Instead, he’s forced to do whatever Rhys tells him to, including finding someone to pin the kills on. Lady Pheobe’s stalker makes an unexpected move, and someone finally takes the fall for the Eat the Rich murders. Adam’s (Lukas Gage) financial desperation leads to a proposal. 

You Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Season 4 Episode 6 finds Joe working on a plan to get to Rhys. But taking out a politician is more complicated than Joe’s previous endeavors. There are CCTV cameras at Rhys’s home, and all his outings are public engagements.

Meanwhile, Kate is putting together a charity gala in Simon’s honor, while the events at Hampsie traumatized Roald into taking a long, luxurious holiday away from London and the Eat, the Rich Killer. Adam’s financial problems seem to be coming to a head, and proposing to Pheobe is quickly becoming his only option. The two are still together, but their relationship is hanging by a thread. Lady Pheobe isn’t doing too well after her beloved Hampsie burned down. She’s not sleeping and has this nagging feeling that someone’s watching her. 

Joe thinks he caught a break when Nadia mentions that Rhys jogs alone every Saturday. But before he can plan another variant of his attack on Peach Sallinger, Joe gets home to find an unexpected guest – Rhys. The two have a touching heart-to-heart.

Why did Rhys murder his friends?

Rhys confesses to killing Malcolm because he was blackmailing him, Simon because he was taking advantage of women, and the fall-out would have looked bad on his campaign, and Gemma because… he slept with her.

No, it doesn’t make much sense. Yet Rhys also tells Joe how much he wants to be friends before asking him to play “errand boy” and set someone else up for the murders. How? Well, Rhys conveniently left Simon’s ear inside Joe’s freezer. All he needs to do is plant it on someone. 

Of everyone in the friend group, Connie seems the perfect fall guy for the murders. Police already suspect him because he has no alibi for the kills. Not because he’s guilty, he is constantly black-out drunk or high on drugs. 

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At Kate’s gala, Joe runs into Nadia, who started dating her classmate, Edward (Brad Alexander). He also briefly chats with Kate before he sets his eyes on planting the decomposing ear in Connie’s pocket. But he has second thoughts after learning that Connie decided to stop drinking and booked himself into rehab. 

Lady Pheobe has a stalker

Lady Pheobe’s suspicion that someone was following her proves true when a woman approaches her and leads her away from the gala by pretending to be the police.

She locks Pheobe in a hotel room and says she plans to keep her safe from the Eat the Rich Killer. We’ve seen this woman several times in previous episodes holding a camera at public events attended by our characters. Her name is Dawn, and she’s been stalking Lady Pheobe for years, deluding herself into thinking the two of them are best friends. As deranged as Dawn is, she seems to care for Pheobe genuinely, so she tells her the truth about Adam’s finances. 

Someone takes the fall

Lucky for Pheobe, Nadia sees her being taken away and alerts Joe, who alerts the police. Being the kidnapping expert he is, Joe figures out where Pheobe is kept and ends up playing hero. Again. Our Joe couldn’t pass on the perfect opportunity and slips Simon’s ear into Dawn’s backpack before police arrive to arrest her. As it turns out, he felt too much pity for Connie and couldn’t frame him, but the erotomania-suffering Dawn was the perfect scapegoat. 

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The following day, Dawn’s arrest is in the paper, but Nadia seems unconvinced. She’s starting to suspect Joe of hiding something. And she’s right. But let’s hope she doesn’t pursue it. After all, investigating Joe didn’t go well for Dahlia in season 2.  

A deranged stalker kidnapping and traumatizing his girlfriend fails to dissuade Adam from trying to use wedding bells to fix his finances. He is still on the brink of bankruptcy. So he invites Lady Pheobe to a romantic picnic and proposes. Unfortunately for him, she already knows why he wants to marry her, so her answer is a clear and resounding “No.” 

You Season 4 Episode 6 Ending Explained

During the gala, Kate reconnected with an old friend/lover, Niko (Brad Alexander), and invited him to her apartment for adult fun. His spending an absolute fortune buying all of Simon’s artworks might have helped her decision. At her apartment, however, Kate realizes that Niko is working for her father, who sent him there to buy all the art. She angrily kicks Niko out and invites Joe (who’s been watching the whole thing unfold from his window) in. The two engage in the aforementioned adult fun after Kate conveniently promises never to ask Jonathan about the past (and multiple bodies) he left behind in the States. 

What does Rhys want from Joe?

Joe’s happy glow doesn’t last long. He arrives home to Rhys once again, waiting for him inside. Framing Dawn wasn’t the end of the Eat the Rich Killer saga. Now, Rhys wants Joe’s help to eliminate someone funding his political opponent. That someone is none other than Tom Lockwood, aka—Kate’s dad. 

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