Where is Jenifer Faison Now? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 12, 2023 (Last updated: July 17, 2023)
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Where is Jenifer Faison Now

Where is Jenifer Faison Now? We discuss the 2023 Hulu true crime documentary series Betrayal: The Perfect Husband, which contains disturbing details.

The 2023 Hulu true crime documentary Betrayal: The Perfect Husband evolved from a podcast to a TV series.

The story revealed the details behind what initially seemed a perfect marriage that turned into a nightmare, as the duplicitous life of a high school teacher was revealed when he was arrested for sexually assaulting a student at the school where he worked.

Spencer Herron would receive a prison term for his terrible crime, leaving his devastated wife, Jenifer Faison, behind to try and piece her life back together.

Jenifer would open Pandora’s box of deceit and lies after her husband’s arrest, and she began to realize that he was leading a sordid and abusive double life involving affairs with many other women.

Full details of the story are revealed in the TV series and podcast, but some viewers have been interested in finding out what happened next, so this article will answer the question, where is Jenifer Faison now?

Who is Jenifer Faison?

Jenifer is a talented producer that works extensively in television. She would first encounter Herron when they were both students at Berry College in Georgia. Despite initial interest, the pair would not get together and would lead separate lives until they reconnected twenty years later through social media.

They would marry and appear to be in a perfect relationship until his arrest in 2018. Jenifer would return to her home to find police with a search warrant for the house, which would lead to the arrest of her husband and the truth about his heinous crimes being revealed.

Her husband would eventually receive a prison sentence. Jenifer would quickly divorce her husband in 2019 and then try to move on with her life, which was left torn apart by his actions.

Where is Jenifer Faison Now?

Thankfully it seems that Jenifer has managed to move on from the terrible situation. She still works in production for television shows. Previously she would do work on numerous shows and work for various companies.

Some of the series that Jenifer worked on included Celebrity Wife Swap, Backyard Blowout, Judge Judy, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Storage Wars, and Jersey Shore.

Reports indicate that Jenifer currently works as an executive producer for the Glass Entertainment Group.

Her most recent work is on the TV show Build it Forward, which is another home makeover show.

The talented producer lives in Acworth, Georgia but manages to keep a lot of her private life on the down low, although she does have an Instagram page, and you can find it at @msjeniferfaison.

Does Jenifer Faison have children?

Reports indicate that Jenifer does not have any children.

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