‘Mayans MC’ Season 1 Episode 5 – “Uch/Opossum” | TV Recap

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 3, 2018 (Last updated: November 15, 2023)
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Mayans MC Episode 5 Recap


Mayans MC might be a little too complex for its own good, but “Uch/Opossum” proves that it’s tough to see where the series is going and harder still to know who the good guys are.

A lot happened in “Uch/Opossum”, most of it unpleasant, and some of it bizarre. But you don’t turn to Mayans MC for lighthearted television, so a greasy gangster wondering if he can fit his dick in a severed head should be expected by now.

That’s not even the half of it. Emily had a real mare in “Uch/Opossum”, having been trampled last week, realised that Galindo was responsible for the battered nun that caused the stampede in the first place, and still quite clearly nurturing feelings for EZ. Oh, and her son is still missing despite her best efforts, in the care of Adelita and Los Olvidados. The best thing that happened to her this week was Galindo slapping her around and giving her rough “you’ve been to see your ex again” sex. Small consolation, if you ask me.

Since Emily seemed to enjoy sex with an additional helping of spitting and violence (don’t we all?), it’s probably safe to assume that she’s a bit more keen on the cartel life than we’ve been led to believe; certainly more so than EZ, whose pesky conscience is always causing him problems, especially now that the Feds are breathing down his neck and the people he trusts most are losing it.

Case in point: Angel. After waking up with that racist woman’s head from last week on a bayonet in his living room, he was quick to make a deal with militant meathead Cole to sell the rebels’ heroin – the rebels, lest we forget, that he’s already betraying the Mayans to ally himself with, thanks mostly to his childish adoration of Adelita. He had no qualms about smuggling someone into the U.S. through the border tunnels at Cole’s behest, and his only pressing concern seemed to be that aforementioned issue with his dick and the mouldy head. I mean, there are issues, and then there are issues.

Speaking of which, Felipe has plenty of those. After being given the hard sell by Agent Jimenez he decided he’d had enough of playing the friendly old local butcher. Turns out Old Man Olmos had a prior life full of corruption and beheadings, and after having gone to considerable lengths to bury that life, he’s not about to let his family be threatened. He showed Agent Jimenez some recent photos of his family, just to let him know what time it was. Heads certainly rolled in “Uch/Opossum”, perhaps more literally than anyone was expecting.

If they didn’t roll, they got shot off by Adelita’s masked-up child soldiers, who’re frankly a bit ridiculous. Then again, having been raised under the heel of the cartel’s boot, I suppose they’ve got good reason to be pissed off. But what are Los Olvidados really up to? They’re playing their righteous cards for now, but they’re not above the odd execution or baby-theft, and their closest ally seems to be a snooty cardinal who quite clearly has some distaste for the scruffy underclass the rebels are purportedly uplifting. It doesn’t really ring true to me, but there’s so much going on in Mayans MC that it’s a fruitless exercise trying to guess where it all might be going. Or, for that matter, who’ll be left in one piece when it gets there.

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