Fix You episode 3 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 8, 2020
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K-drama series Fix You episode 3


Fix You episode 3 is proving to be heavily thematic in mental health issues.

This recap of K-drama series Fix You episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Fix You episode 3 begin?

Fix You episode 3 is more about how Han Woo Joo and Lee Si Joon become doctor/patient if anything, in the most stable episode so far.

Han Woo Joo won’t be charged for the car but she will be fined.

Lee Si Joon waits outside for her — he apologizes to her and she shouts back at him in anger. Afterward, Lee Si Joon is told to transfer Chang Dong-Il immediately after his escape. Lee Si Joon goes to meet the director of the hospital Eun Kang and asks her if she can still treat Chang.

What’s happening with Han Woo Joo?

Han Woo Joo is cut from the theatre group despite being innocent for drinking — they say it’s all about the public image. Her whole world is falling apart slowly.

A drunk Han Woo Joo wants to visit the fake cop drunk and Lee Si Joon sees her and says she needs to get the cut on her hand treated. She falls asleep and he notices a healed-over cut on her wrist.

So it seems Han Woo Joo has suicidal tendencies.

How does Lee Si Joon become her psychiatrist?

Han Woo Joo’s psychiatrist wants to transfer her to Lee Si Joon but he’s not entirely sure.

Lee Si Joon is told off for letting Han Woo Joo sleep in the hospital. The next day she talks about how her anger made her the perpetrator. Lee Si Joon shows her a technique to let out her anger by screaming in a bag.

Chang Dong-Il returns.

Lee Si Joon and the team give him Chang Dong-Il present — it’s a badge that makes him a chief and they congratulate him on his bravery and tell him that he isn’t a failure: “To us you are a real police officer”.

There’s then narration as part of Lee Si Joon’s podcast about how delusions are born from being in denial and not accepting reality — sometimes a sudden shock or trauma can create a new reality. He tells people to not endure their disease alone. Fix You episode 3 is proving to be heavily thematic in mental health issues.

How does Fix You episode 3 end?

Han Woo Joo uses the technique Lee Si Joon taught her. Lee Si Joon isn’t aware that Han Woo Joo has Borderline Personality Disorder and the previous psychiatrist wants Lee Si Joon to overcome it as it will help her remove some guilt — it’s not clear yet what this guilt is.

During an audition, Han Woo Joo found the judges rude and she calls them out for it. As she walks out she asks herself, “Why am I like this?”.

Lee Si Joon considers if Han Woo Joo is a patient he can handle.

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