King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 recap and breakdown

May 19, 2020
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King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 is a detailed and strong opening chapter — it’s well costumed and inviting. This K-drama series looks promising.

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King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 is a detailed and strong opening chapter — it’s well costumed and inviting. This K-drama series looks promising.

This recap of K-Drama series King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 contains significant spoilers.

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How does King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 begin?

There’s a lot of information to consume in King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 but it builds the base for a compelling narrative. We begin in 1862 (13th year of King Cheol Jong’s reign). Someone who has fortune-telling skills is repeating the name Min Ja Yeong (the insane princess) and she asks who is the one deceiving the tiger known as Prince Heung Seon. She starts having intense visions — “He will come soon, the one you are scared of, coming to this place”. The king then tells his men to catch Choi Cheon Joong and there will be an award to whoever finds him.

Choi Cheon Joong is outside ready to be caught as he wants to speak to the “lady” inside the carriage. A woman takes off her veil to reveal herself to Choi Cheon Joong. He asks if she is the lady he has been looking for — “I’ll make you remember me again”. Someone helps protect Choi Cheon Joong and he grabs the woman. King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 begins with some mystery.

The next day

The woman wakes up the next day and it’s light outside. Choi Cheon Joong tells her she’s exactly the same as she was in the past watching the birds. He claims everything he’s done is to bring her back and states they were romantic — she collapses. He tells her she was drugged which is why she is confused and talks of an antidote — “Just give me three days to help you remember me”. Choi Cheon Joong wants to tell this woman his story.

The story

King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 then moves to Ganghwa island in a flashback. A younger Choi Cheon Joong is taking part in a parade and Hwang Bong Ryun is looking up at him, almost admiring him as he moves by slowly. So we can now assume that the woman is Bong Ryun at the start of the episode. Choi Cheon Joong returns to his father from training service but he’s toxic towards his son.

In Gyoo crosses the line

In the next scene, a young master called In Gyoo disrespects Hwang Bong Ryun and they put her on a target for archery to intimidate her. Choi Cheon Joong tells In Gyoo to stop but the young master tells his man with the arrows to shoot — Choi Cheon Joong gets in the way and asks the men nearby to take her down. Hwang Bong Ryun is appreciative and bows to Choi Cheon Joong. King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 suggests a romance very early on.

While Choi Cheon Joong and In Gyoo are out in the woods, they hear a noise — Hwang Bong Ryun is trying to distract them away from the ginseng field with fireflies so they don’t trample over the field. Choi Cheon Joong accidentally falls off a cliff edge and In Gyoo doesn’t seem to want to help in. In his head, he thinks, “fall off and just die,” and walks off. Hwang Bong Ryun finds him and helps him up. He praises her for her logic. The next day Hwang Bong Ryun approaches In Gyoo and repeats to him “fall off and just die”, confirming that she can somehow read minds. She tells In Gyoo not to bully anyone again or she will tell Choi Cheon Joong.

Hwang Bong Ryun and Choi Cheon Joong enjoy food together

Hwang Bong Ryun visits Choi Cheon Joong at his house and they eat together — she’s starving and calls him an extraordinary person. He tells her he isn’t and that he secretly plays the drums and sings; Hwang Bong Ryun claims it is a destiny because she can also dance. They play drums, sing, and dance. Eventually, they hug and In Gyoo sees them and gets angry and digs up a cursing talisman. The next day, Hwang Bong Ryun’s mother Ban Dal is arrested.

Why is Ban Dal arrested?

The story then moves to Kim Byeong Woon, Minster of Treasury who accuses Ban Dal of being the shaman that cursed the county Governor and noblemen. They show the cursing talisman. Ban Dal says someone is slandering her. They smash in her knees and her daughter watches in dismay. Hwang Bong Ryun runs up to the minister and explains her mother only wrote the talisman cursing the governor because she knew Lord Chae was going to die. The minister asks if Ban Dal can foresee the future before it occurs. The minister asks her to predict whether or not he will kill her. As they are about to kill Ban Dal, Hwang Bong Ryun screams that the minister will die “tonight”, in the hour of the pig, between 9 and 11 pm. The minister realizes that Hwang Bong Ryun is the shaman — “Let’s see if I die tonight, for now, you two live”.

Does he die?

At the hour of the pig, the minister tells Hwang Bong Ryun that he has not died and because she bluffed, her mother will be killed. Hwang Bong Ryun stands up and saves him from incoming arrows to prove her ability. He calls her an amazing girl and he gets his guards to lock her up so he can use her abilities in the future until she dies. King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 shows such harsh treatment against people with unspoken abilities, representing the times we are in.

5 years later

We then flit to 5 years later — Choi Gyeong the Ganghwa inspector is walking through the forest with his men and dogs. Suddenly arrows are shot out of nowhere. The Minister of the Treasury Kim Byeong Woon approaches Choi Gyeong and apologizes for the arrows; they mistook the dogs for an enemy. Choi Gyeong asks the minister why he has turned up unannounced. Choi Cheon Joong introduces himself.

A plan is in place

Choi Cheon Joong is still looking for Hwang Bong Ryun — meanwhile, Hwang Bong Ryun is getting prepared for an arranged marriage and searching for her mother Ban Dal. Choi Cheong Joon learns that explosive powder is being traded at the ferry port — it’s the minister’s powder; the minister has been told to delay the taxation ship and eliminate Choi Gyeong.

How does King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 end?

In Gyoo sees Hwang Bong Ryun and follows her but then he sees Choi Cheong Joon and stops. Choi Cheong Joon catches someone on the taxation ship and chases after them. He soon learns the person he is catching is Hwang Bong Ryun — “So you came back”. He smiles. King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 1 is a detailed and strong opening chapter — well costumed and invites indicative settings, this K-drama series looks promising.

Additional notes
  • Hwang Bong Ryun’s mother Ban Dal told her not to tell anyone about her fortune-telling ability.

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