Fix You episode 8 recap and breakdown

May 20, 2020
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Fix You episode 8 flips the issues on to Lee Si Joon, who has many frustrations of his own.

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Fix You episode 8 flips the issues on to Lee Si Joon, who has many frustrations of his own.

This recap of K-drama series Fix You episode 8 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Fix You episode 8 begin?

Han Woo Joo sees Lee Si Joon after work and he asks her if she’s worried. She believes Lee Si Joon is worried and gives him a plastic bag for him to curse at. The hospital director tells Lee Si Joon he’s on two strikes, when it gets to three he’s done. It’s evident in this scene that Han Woo Joo cares about Lee Si Joon which will have repercussions for her mental health later in the episode.

The doctors argue

Lee Si Joon talks to the other doctors and suggests Han Woo Joo has a borderline personality disorder — he looks at Han Woo Joo’s former psychiatrist Ji Young Won and asks if she would give him a patient with BPD. Dr. In Dong Hyuk gets angry and asks Lee Si Joon why would he avoid all administrative procedures over Ru Oh — Lee Si Joon brings up the scars from 8 years ago and there’s an angry confrontation between both doctors. There’s clearly a bad history here that will continue to be fleshed out. Why doesn’t Lee Si Joon want a patient with BPD?

The watch returns

Han Woo Joo’s ex returns his watch and asks if there’s anything else he needs to return — they argue about what they did financially for each other and then she brings up how he cheated; he admits to being the coward but that she has deep underlying problems and walks off. She tears up, stating that all her other exes cheated. Han Woo Joo shows Lee Si Joon that she got her watch back and she doesn’t know what to do with it. They decide to bury it. When they bury it at a scrapyard, both characters have this sense of relief that resonates through the screen.

It gets worse for Lee Si Joon

Lee Si Joon tells the chief that he doesn’t regret Ru Oh’s approach and treatment because if he made him leave the hospital, he would have died. The chief tells Lee Si Joon that Dr. In Dong Hyuk will be his doctor moving forward and that he will have to have a consultation with him on his job performance. Lee Si Joon is very frustrated and his mind is all over the place. Han Woo Joo sees Lee Si Joon looking low and tries to comfort him. He doesn’t want to talk and walks off.

Breaking the news to Ru Oh.

Lee Si Joon tells Ru Oh that his doctor is going to change. He tells him that he’s allowed to reveal he’s upset and not hold it in. Ru Oh cries and hugs Lee Si Joon. Lee Si Joon then passes the files to Dr. In Dong Hyuk — he reads the notes and states that Lee Si Joon is the “craziest doctor he’s ever met”. Lee Si Joon is very hurt by this situation and it is not helped by the fact that Ru Oh is also upset.

How does Fix You episode 8 end?

Han Woo Joo gets angry at Lee Si Joon for avoiding her but he explains he’s had a lot on his mind. Han Woo Joo runs out in front of his car and he is shocked — he is clearly irked that he’s dealing with a patient with BPD coupled with his frustrations with work. Surely he must have known the risks of avoiding Han Woo Joo, a patient with BPD who has started to connect with him? Fix You episode 8 flips the issues on to Lee Si Joon, who has many frustrations of his own.

Other points
  • Dr. In Dong Hyuk finds Dr. Yoon Ji in an altercation with a former patient in the store drinking and she ends up upset.

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