Was It Love? episode 6 recap and breakdown – Ae-jeong sets some boundaries

July 23, 2020
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Episode 6 sees many complexities and love triangles emerge as each character seems to have a romantic problem now.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Was It Love? episode 6 open?

Episode 6 starts with Dae-o distracting Ae-jeong and Yeon-woo’s moment by reversing his car into a puddle — he ruined the mood entirely before driving off again. Ae-jeong is annoyed that the moment was ruined. Yeon-woo gives Ae-jeong a letter that he has kept for 14 years and he’s just plucked up the courage to give it to her.


Yeon-woo returns home to see Ha-nee reading an assignment that is from school. There’s an understanding that Yeon-woo isn’t her father and she seems gutted by that notion.

Childish Dae-o

Ae-jeong learns that Dae-o scored a meeting with actress Joo A-rin and she’s delighted. She tries calling Dae-o but he won’t answer — he’s frustrated by Ae-jeong going to the cinemas and having a “moment” with Yeon-woo.

Bothered by the gaze

While looking for Dae-o, Ae-jeong realises that it was he who drove through a puddle at them as she recognises his license plate. She offers her gratitude for getting the actress Joo A-rin lined up for a meeting and then she asks for an apology for splashing her and Yeon-woo. Dae-o was bothered by her gaze at Yeon-woo. Ae-jeong wants to set some ground rules to keep Dae-o’s arrogance and behaviour in check — she gives him a list of rules. Dae-o is very immature and lacks emotional intelligence to a childish degree sometimes and it seems more apparent in episode 6.

Making me feel uncomfortable

After a PTA meeting, Yeon-woo asks Ae-jeong if she’s doing anything in the evening but she tells him that he makes her feel uncomfortable. Before he can respond, the other mothers show up and she’s whisked away. You can tell she didn’t mean this but it clearly hurt Yeon-woo.

Past and present combine at the same time

After getting herself pumped up, Joo A-rin heads to her meeting with Dae-o. Flashbacks show her getting ready to see a younger Dae-o. In the present and the past, she is gutted to see Dae-o is in the company of Ae-jeong. Joo A-rin walks out of the meeting so her manager chases after her — she’s confused to how they are still together. Joo A-rin is struggling to keep her emotions together in the meeting as they discuss the romantic novel. She asks how Dae-o and Ae-jeong decided to make this movie together. She senses a slight tension between them as she analyses how they answer.

I accept but on one condition

At the halfway point of Was It Love? episode 6, Joo A-rin asks Dae-o how much he wants to work with her. He tells her she is the only lead actress for this role. Joo A-rin agrees to do the role and Ae-jeong is ecstatic. There’s one condition, however — she wants them to redevelop the story as the “heroine is lame”. Afterwards, Dae-o is suggesting that Joo A-rin is criticising Ae-jeong as the woman character is based on her. As Dae-o walks off, he states that the lead character is attractive and that’s why he liked her — this stops Ae-jeong in her tracks. Ae-jeong must be so confused having so many men in her life actively interested in her.

I feel like we are friends

As Ae-jeong walks Dong-chan home, Koo Pa-do finds them and he looks bothered that Ae-jeong is walking his son home. She tells him that she feels they have become friends. Koo Pa-do experiences a flashback where a woman lays in a bed, slightly bruised and saying the exact same thing to him. Hopefully, the series fleshes this story out later.

The poem

In a flashback, Ae-jeong starts a pregnancy diary and speaks to Yeon-woo about it. She tells him what kind of mother she wants to be and shows him a poem. Yeon-woo hints that he likes someone and reads a poem about her. It’s about Ae-jeong and in the present, she reads the same poem and reminisces.

A nightmare for Ryu Jin

Ryu Jin gives an update to the press about her career and then Ha-nee breaks up the press conference claiming he is her father. Ryu Jin is then hounded by the press — Dae-o and Ae-jeong turn up and heckle him. This is clearly a bad dream that suggests his anxiety has not waned over the potential father/daughter situation.

How does Was It Love? episode 6 end?

At the party, Joo A-rin speaks to Dae-o and requests a conversation in private. She asks if there is any reason Ae-jeong needs to be the producer of the movie. Dae-o states he has no reason not to do this movie without Ae-jeong. Ae-jeong then approaches Joo A-rin and thanks her for the invitation to the party — A-rin is cold with her and accidentally pushes Ae-jeong to the ground. Dae-o helps Ae-jeong up from the ground and moves her away from the party.

To end in dramatic circumstances, Dae-o tells Ae-jeong that he is mad that misfortunes keep happening to her and that he cannot follow the rules she has set — he’s going to follow his heart. He tells Ae-jeong that he still loves her, which is predictable but at least it is finally out there. Episode 6 sees many complexities and love triangles emerge as each character seems to have a romantic problem now.

Additional points
  • Ha-nee and Koo Pa-do’s son find an abandoned puppy and Ha-nee wants to help it. Ha-nee asks Aunt Sook-hee to help. She’s relating the puppy’s situation to her upbringing. Ae-jeong is furious that her daughter is looking after a puppy.
  • Ae-jeong asks Dong-chan how Ha-nee is doing at school. Dong-chan sadly reveals he doesn’t have a mother and Ae-jeong tries cheering him up.
  • Yeon-woo’s mother asks if he has met anyone yet and he wants her to stay out of his business.
  • Ae-jeong’s mother sees the book that Ha-nee was looking at that discusses the future baby and sees the names — Ae-jeong and Yeon-woo.
  • Ryu Jin chases after his manager who feels neglected; Ryu Jin admits he needs him. The pair hug each other after a couple of episodes of tension as they have disagreed over Ryu Jin’s choices.
  • In a flashback, Dae-o helps Ae-jeong in a scene and she is very thankful. This is how met for the first time and they are impacted by each other immediately.

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