Was It Love? episode 11 recap and breakdown – Ha-nee’s father is finally revealed

August 12, 2020
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Episode 11 brought major answers but it does feel like the story is in a strange, repetitive cycle.

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Episode 11 brought major answers but it does feel like the story is in a strange, repetitive cycle.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 11 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Was it Love? episode 11 open?

Dae-o asks Ae-jeong if he could be the father as she obviously lied about her husband being dead and she flagrantly said Dae-o is dead to her. He really thinks he might be the father. Ae-jeong asks him if he is the father, what would he do about it. Ae-Jeong’s mother starts attacking him and Ae-jeong tells everyone to stop — “Nothing is going to change whoever the father is”. This the episode folks — this is the one where it is all revealed.

Abortion research

She tells Dae-o never to return again. When Ae-jeong returns inside the house, her mother is genuinely upset that she never tells her what’s going on. A flashback shows that Ae-jeong did look into abortion clinics.

You never noticed Ae-jeong’s pain

Dae-o asks Ryu Jin why he was at Ae-jeong’s house and he tells him that he was trying to do the right thing — being there for Ae-jeong and Ha-nee. Ryu Jin then says Dae-o wasn’t there for 14 years — Dae-o punches him. Ryu Jin then raises how heartbroken Ae-jeong was many years ago and how he never noticed it. These two are definitely not friends anymore.

Let’s get back on the Hollywood dream

Ryu Jin meets his manager Ms. Song and he sees the DNA results — he’s very unlikely to be the father of Ha-nee. She reminds him that he gave up his Hollywood dream for a child that isn’t his. Ms. Song then suggests that they partner up again and get back on the path for Hollywood. Ryu Jin tells her not to provoke him again and walks off. This has gotten very personal between manager and actor and it was always going to end in tears.

Why I never told you

Ae-jeong agrees to meet Dae-o and she confirms that he is the father. She reminds him about their last anniversary and that they had a huge fight. On the day of their anniversary, Ae-jeong realized she was pregnant after their fight. She resented the fact that she found out she was pregnant at that moment. Ae-jeong then explains she went to his house to tell him and Dae-o was with another woman. After she saw the kiss, Ae-jeong decided to raise the baby alone.

Dae-o is flabbergasted and wonders why Ae-jeong never gave him the benefit of the doubt but she claims she text him offering forgiveness — he claims he never got this text. Ae-jeong tells him she wants nothing from him anymore and to forget what happened that day. Both characters are not seeing eye-to-eye and it’s abundantly evident. Going round in circles is not helping the story whatsoever though. There’s such a cycle in Was It Love?

I deleted the texts

Ae-jeong meets Ryu Jin and states that Dae-o said he never received the texts she sent and he sounded believable this time. Ryu Jin admits to deleting the texts, including the last call. It was clearly an impulsive act and Ae-jeong is shocked. He tries justifying it, stating he didn’t want to see Ae-jeong suffer. As Ae-jeong walks out, Ryu Jin brings up that he liked her first. I don’t understand why he keeps saying that — he’s a full-grown man. Who cares about who likes who first!

Ae-jeong tells Ryu Jin that she doesn’t want him to feel sorry for her and Ha-nee. She’s also not interested in going back to where they were.

Think about what you are doing

Was It Love? episode 11 sees Yeon-woo flexing his muscles but he’s hardly a major character at this point.

Yeon-woo tells Dae-o that he cannot just become Ha-nee’s father after returning after 14 years and asks him to think carefully about what he’s doing. Yeon-woo is spreading out his arms it seems, stopping Dae-o from getting close to Ae-jeong after fitting revelations.

Mr. Wang returns

When Ae-jeong shows up near Koo Pa-do’s house, he grabs her and his men stop a man lurking — it’s Mr. Wang — the man who left her with all the debt and investments with Koo Pa-do. Ae-jeong sits him down and she’s upset at the dangers he put her through. Also, if Mr. Wang didn’t do what he did, she’d have never met Dae-o again and that’s upsetting her.

Meeting the mother

Dae-o meets Ae-jeong’s mother. The mother reminds him that Ae-jeong doesn’t want him near her daughter and if she doesn’t like him, neither does she. Dae-o reiterates he misses her and wants to do something but he doesn’t know what to do. The mother states that she feels sorry for Ae-jeong and her heart aches for her — she wonders why Dae-o hated her so much that he became an author and wrote a book about their love.

Dae-o has a breakdown and goes to a book store to rip up all his books. He’s tackled to the floor.

That fatal night

In a flashback, Dae-o tells a drunk A-rin that she shouldn’t meet a guy alone in his house. She’s overwhelmed by how caring he is and she lunges for the kiss. This was the same night Ae-jeong believed Dae-o was kissing another woman when looking through the window. Dae-o did reject the kiss but from the outside, it may not have looked like that. This one moment has caused all the fuss — incredible.

Where do I begin

Ae-jeong returns home and her mother is apologetic and upset. She feels guilty for making Ae-jeong work hard alone. Ae-jeong breaks down in tears and confesses to being scared. She doesn’t want Ha-nee to be hurt and has no idea where to begin. Ae-jeong also feels guilty for how Ha-nee has lived.

Dae-o offers insight

Ae-jeong gets a call from the police; Dae-o is in a police cell. She goes to the station. They go for lunch and Dae-o states what she saw 14 years ago. He tells her his father became a victim of a huge scam and his family lost everything; his mother collapsed and he had to take care of everything but he couldn’t tell Ae-jeong as he was scared she’d leave him. He tried to hold the entire burden and by doing so, he made Ae-jeong feel completely lonely and pushed her away. Dae-o apologizes. Episode 11 at least shows Dae-o trying to own up to the past, even if it is understandable what happened.

How does Was it Love? episode 11 end?

Dae-o then breaks down, realizing that he left Ae-jeong all alone with bringing up their child. Ae-jeong cries and there’s plenty of sadness between them. Ae-jeong asks how they ended like this. Dae-o asks for one last chance but Ae-jeong states she doesn’t resent him but for Ha-nee’s sake, they should stop meeting each other — “Ha-nee is my everything”. This is the same scene as before — there’s no compromise, just more answers, and cycles.

Suddenly, news has been leaked that a famous actor has a child from middle school. It’s about Ryu Jin and Ae-jeong but it’s completely false. Ms. Song released it out of bitterness. Ryu Jin tries to face the press but his assistant pushes him away. At school, rumors spread fast and Ha-nee sees the news. She walks out of class. Drama ends Was It Love episode 11!

Episode 11 brought major answers but it does feel like the story is in a strange, repetitive cycle.

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