Was It Love? episode 12 recap and breakdown – Dae-o reveals that he is the father

August 13, 2020
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Episode 12 was a marked improvement as the story makes progress and there’s some worthwhile drama.

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Episode 12 was a marked improvement as the story makes progress and there’s some worthwhile drama.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 12 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Was it Love? episode 12 open?

It begins in the year 2006 and Dae-o’s father is very drunk. Dae-o is upset, the stress weighing on his shoulders. He tells his parents they know nothing about him. He gets a message from Ae-jeong and she asks if he’s okay and why he went to his parents. He’s not being able to give Ae-jeong attention as he’s feeling low and miserable.

News spreads quickly

In the present day, Ae-jeong sees the news article about Ryu Jin being the father of Ha-nee and she panics and gets a taxi to the school. Rumours spread quickly around the school and students gossip and laugh about Ha-nee. Ae-jeong finds Ha-nee and her daughter is not happy — she states that she already knew Ryu Jin was her father and wondered where the hell he was. Ae-jeong tries explaining that Ryu Jin is not her father but Ha-nee is unhappy that no-one will tell her the truth. Keeping it all a secret has made it all worse.

Comforting Ha-nee

Dae-o finds an upset Ha-nee on the park bench and tries to cheer her up. She tells him to not cover the truth; she ponders and comes to the conclusion that her mother kept the truth from her for protection — she’s sick of the word “Dad”. Dae-o apologises and Ha-nee thanks him for comforting her. These two are clearly father/daughter material.

She’s not even my daughter

Ryu Jin tells his assistant that Ha-nee isn’t even his daughter. He landed himself in this mess and ruined his career because he thought she was his daughter. His assistant wants him to tell the press the truth. Ae-jeong then bursts through the office and asks why was such a story leaked that isn’t true — she’s infuriated. Ryu Jin then confronts Ms. Song and she tells him she just wanted to ruin them — she laughs and mocks the actor, claiming he did this himself and ruined her business. Ms. Song has shown her true colors as we reach the later stages of the series.

Mom, help!

Yeon-woo begs his mother to get lawyers and fix the article for Ae-jeong and if she does, he will move back in. His mother reminds him that when she begged, he didn’t even budge — “Do you like her that much?”. Yeon-woo confirms he does which is why he’s in so much pain at people criticizing Ae-jeong. In a flashback, in 2005, Yeon-woo hurts himself while playing basketball so Ae-jeong brings him food in the hospital. He tells Ae-jeong that his mother is happy that he’s injured because he can’t play basketball. Ae-jeong tells him he is super talented in many things and he shouldn’t give up. You can see why Yeon-woo fell in love with her as this scene gives context.

It was my fault

Was It Love? episode 12 sees Ha-nee acting very grown-up for her age and takes responsibility for what happened.

Ha-nee sees his grandmother is upset. She looks out from the balcony and sees her mother below. Ae-jeong asks if she’s eaten so she takes her out for noodles. The pair have a normal chat after a stressful day. Ha-nee apologizes for being mad because her mother did nothing wrong. She reveals it was her fault that the story leaked after snooping around with the phone from the attic and inviting Ryu Jin to the lecture. Ae-jeong tries telling her again that Ryu Jin isn’t her father but she isn’t buying it.

What are you going to do?

Dae-o visits a lawyer and in order to refute the claims in the media, Ryu Jin would have to do a DNA test or the real father has to show up. Dae-o asks Ryu Jin what he’s planning next; Ryu Jin tells Dae-o that he cannot do anything for Ae-jeong and Ha-nee either. Both characters sigh — it’s clearly frustrating. But, there’s progress here because Ryu Jin did not remind everyone that he liked Ae-jeong first — thank the lord!

Taking down Ms Song

Ae-jeong holds a meeting with Ryu Jin, Koo Pa-do and Dae-o about the incident in the news and as the producer, she wants to take partial responsibility. She wants to go after Ms. Song so the problem goes away. They are going to focus on the website that produced the article — Koo Pa-do says he will make sure the adverts are removed from the article. Once the advertisements are removed, the company will accuse Ms Song of removing them, meaning the article will be taken down. They send in Mr Wang to help facilitate this as he’s a good con man.

Carrying out the plans

Dae-o meets Mr Na, the owner of the publisher, and talks to him about his book “Love Is Nonexistent”. He then plays a recording where Mr. Na and Ms. Song are colluding over the article about Ryu Jin and Ha-nee. This is the blackmail to make the story go away — this set of scenes was fun.

How does Was it Love? episode 12 end?

Ae-jeong then meets Ms Song. She puts Ms Song in an arm lock and tells her not to hurt her daughter again. The article is rebuked and the media now states that Ryu Jin will be taking legal action. At school, some students are disappointed that Ryu Jin isn’t Ha-nee’s father — Dong-chan stands up for her and ends up in a fight. Ae-jeong sees the press conference by Ryu Jin and the legal action and collapses a little from exhaustion. Dae-o offers to give her a ride home but she doesn’t want to. He then asks her if the answer is still the same but then she gets a call about the fight at the school. Yeon-woo defends Ha-nee and Dong-chan. Ae-jeong arrives and she’s lectured about her parenting.

The parents of the kids who are complaining tell Ae-jeong it’s obvious she is the problem; Ha-nee gets confrontational but then the teacher Mr Jang grabs Ae-jeong and Ha-nee — suddenly, Dae-o enters the room and asks Mr Jang to let go. The teacher asks Dae-o who he is and he says it — “I’m her father”. More drama to come next week folks! Episode 12 was a marked improvement as the story makes progress and there’s some worthwhile drama.

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  • August 20, 2020 at 1:51 am

    I’m really getting frustrated that Dae-o, why isn’t he blaming Ae-jeong. She is the one who kept their child a secret? Why can she not see that all of this confusion is her fault?
    I’m currently watching episode 13 and I want to scream

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