Was It Love? episode 15 recap and breakdown – Dae-o and Ae-jeong find common ground

August 27, 2020
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Episode 15 shows the characters at their most mature. Ironically, this made for a better chapter as we saw some adultlike development.

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Episode 15 shows the characters at their most mature. Ironically, this made for a better chapter as we saw some adultlike development.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 15 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

I’m not sure what happened yesterday. Apparently, there was a typhoon which delayed this week’s 15th episode. Just shows how unaware I am of the news. This means the finale will be next week. It kind of ruins the momentum a little bit but let’s hope the finale is worth shouting about. Anyway, to Episode 15 — it opens up with Dae-o having an apparent fever stimulated by Ae-jeong kissing him. There’s embarrassment and awkwardness in the room. Everyone leaves the room due to a strange tension. Ha-nee tells Yeon-woo that her mother looks happier now and she’s not sure how to feel about that. Was It Love? episode 15 is the breakthrough chapter, with Ha-nee having to finally come to terms to who her father is.

Mother face-off

Yeon-woo’s mother Joo Boo-hye comes over and tells Yeon-woo that he’s going to ruin Ae-jeong for what she has done. Ms Choi, Ae-jeong’s mother, comes over and threatens her. It’s a mother face off and both women head outside to talk. Ms Choi states how she considers Yeon-woo a family member and she does not enjoy the disrespect aimed at Ae-jeong. Afterwards, Yeon-woo raises his discontent at his mother’s long term obsession. Such a shame this did not end in a fight…

I’ll be leaving

There’s then a flashback of Ae-jeong fretting over not being able to have an abortion and not knowing who the father is — Yeon-woo overhears the conversation and comforts Ae-jeong — he offers to look after the baby with her. She rejects his idea and tells him to forget what he heard. Back in the present day, Ae-jeong thanks Ms Choi for letting him live in their home but that he will be leaving. It was a bit strange how he lived there anyway.

I’ll be calm and patient

Dae-o tells Ae-jeong that he is not self-centred as he used to be and he will be calm and patient and will wait for Ha-nee’s approval. He doesn’t want to mess this up and ruin any chances of being in their lives forever.

Keeping you safe

Koo Pa-do shows Dong-chan a photo of him and his mother. The father didn’t want the awful memories to return and kept the secrets from him for his safety. Dong-chan bursts into tears as Koo Pa-do apologises for not being able to protect his mother — Dong-chan is grateful that Koo Pa-do kept him safe. Later on in the episode, Dong-chan shows Ha-nee a photo of his mother. She’s impressed that Dong-chan has a manly father and hopes he will turn out the same. Dong-chan raises how Dae-o looked like he really cared about her.

Dae-o is then bullied by a few kids about the “Real father” rumour. Dong-chan defends her and states that if they continue, his real father will crush them. And then, Koo Pa-do shows up and the kids sh*t themselves. The father takes all the kids out for dinner and he tells them that words can be dangerous — more dangerous than any weapon. This was a great scene — essentially, a gangster showing children true principles rather than using threatening words to scare them. He’s ready to be more of a father.

Smashing Ms Song down a few pegs

A-rin and Ryu Jin head to an event that’s part of the movie package deal. The actress doesn’t want to pay the cancellation policy for dropping out. She asks Ryu Jin not to tell everyone that she’s really Ko Hyo-sim. At the event, Ryu Jin’s ex-manager is there — Ms Song — she’s continuing to threaten Ryu Jin after their recent contractual break. She notices that Ryu Jin and A-rin seem closer. Ms Song warns A-rin about staying out of trouble and the rumours circulating around her. Ryu Jin defends her and says there’s a worse rumour about Ms Song — she’s hit rock bottom. A-rin and Ryu Jin seem to have each other’s backs and there’s a romance brewing. They’d better be careful, however, as Ms Song is brewing some revenge.

A meeting

In the hospital, Ae-jeong is ready to be discharged. Ha-nee sees Dae-o and her mother flirting and asks if she can have a meeting with Dae-o. Ha-nee gives him a checklist to pass the test to be Ae-jeong’s husband. If he can pass them all, she’ll give him a chance. This is the moment. The moment that will naturally close Was It Love? 

Enjoy your life mom

Outside, Ha-nee tells her mother to live her life now as she’s all grown up. She states that she hated Dae-o for living his life and achieving his dreams but then she saw how they were with each other in the hospital. Ha-nee is assessing whether Dae-o will be a good husband, not as a father. She wants her mother to enjoy her life. It’s strange how the youngest character in the series is the most mature — episode 15 evidences that.

Lucky to see each other again

When they get home, Ae-jeong has a drink with Yeon-woo. She expresses how she feels lucky to have met Yeon-woo again after so many years. Was It Love? episode 15 feels like the beginning of an end of a series with characters naturally and gracefully finding resolutions with each other.

Finding out more information

Ms Song and the owner of the publication (who both feel aggrieved at Ryu Jin and Ae-jeong), spy on Mr Wang who used to own the film production company. They threaten him and state they will release a story that he has been part of embezzlement. Mr Wang stands up and states that Dae-o is the father and blames them both for spreading rumours. Ms Song is very interested to hear that Dae-o is the father and checks out the video of the book concert where Ae-jeong asked the author a question. Ms Song puts all the pieces together in her head — she knows exactly how to take them both down now — this will evidently form the premise for the finale of Was It Love?

It really is her

A-rin wishes Dae-o a speedy recovery but as she is talking and having a go at him, he remembers who she is from all those years ago — Ko Hyo-sim. As she leaves the hospital room, she holds back the tears and walks off. This felt like closure for A-rin who seems ready to move to the next chapter in her life.

A date

Dae-o sends Ae-jeong cosmetics in preparation for a date between them. Ae-jeong is excited and tries out some clothes. The next day, Ae-jeong leaves the house and Dae-o is taken back by her beauty. He tells her she looks too pretty. Dae-o takes Ae-jeong to the University they both used to attend — Ae-jeong breaks into tears. They relive their student lives and take photos. The pair have finally found comfort with each other’s presence, and with Ha-nee’s approval, they both appear happy.

The ending

Ha-nee is happy that the search for her father is over. Dong-chan wants to acknowledge Dae-o as Ha-nee’s father and she gives him permission. Dong-chan wonders if Dae-o has written books about her mother. In the forums on Dae-o’s website, someone is accusing the book of “Love Is Nonexistent” of being fake. In an auditorium at the University, Dae-o plays one of the films that they made when they were younger. Ae-jeong produced it. Dae-o tells Ae-jeong that he wants to stay by Ha-nee’s and her side — he calls Ae-jeong his first love. Was It Love? Episode 15 shows the characters at their most mature. Ironically, this made for a better chapter as we saw some adultlike development.

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