A Love So Beautiful episode 3 recap – “Pick Me Up!”

January 2, 2021 (Last updated: January 7, 2021)
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Episode 3 is less about romance and more about ambition as Sol-i goes for class president, which catches one of her friends by surprise.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series A Love So Beautiful episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Episode 3 opens up with Sol-i asking Cha Heon if he feels better after his recent temperature. In return, Cha Heon offers Sol-i a ride on his bicycle. At school, Sol-i is running for class president.

Preparing for the Election Day

But then there is trouble afoot; Hui-ji, who also has a crush on Cha Heon is running for president too. She’s got competition in romance and in the class presidential race. Dae-sung looks at Sol-i’s presidential candidate speech and gives her advice. He wants her to put passion into it. Knocked off her confidence, Dae-sung picks her up.

Election Day

On Election Day, Sol-i gives her speech in class and she gets a warm applause. A couple of the girls mock Sol-i for going for president and Dae-sung defends her. Cha Heon walks off — he seems to be acting weird because Sol-i is going for president.

It’s a tie

In class, it’s a tie between Sol-i and Hui-ji. Cha Heon is the deciding vote. He goes for Hui-ji and then sits down. Sol-i is devastated. After, Cha Heon tells Sol-i that she isn’t leadership material compared to Hui-ji. She kicks him and runs off. She’s going to be at least vice president, so it’s now all doom and gloom.

Losing the cash collection

Sol-i is given the task to collect money in class. Hui-ji wants it by the end of the day. She realises it’s in her Korean handbook. She needs to get into the staff room. Sol-i needs to get this notebook back before Hui-ji finds out. Her friends try and retrieve it but fail. Dae-sung senses her anxiety and asks if she’s okay; he believes she is sick and manages to blag medication from the school doctor.

The ending

Cha Heon asks Sol-i about the money. She asks him for money and apologises for kicking him. However, he doesn’t give her any advice.

In the end, Sol-i decides to walk into the staff room; Cha Heon walks in before her and that puts her off. In class, the teacher asks Hui-ji if she has the money; Hui-ji diverts to vice president Sol-i, stating she has it. As she’s about to tell the teacher that she doesn’t have it, Cha Heon walks in the class and drops off her homework book. But then she admits to the teacher that she did lose the money, but that Cha Heon has recovered it. She doesn’t believe she should be vice president. The teacher puts it down to a mistake and she’s proud that she’s owned up to it.

The epilogue shows Cha Heon in the staff room, sneaking around to get the notebook.

A Love So Beautiful episode 3 is less about romance and more about ambition as Sol-i goes for class president, which catches one of her friends by surprise.

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