Lovestruck in the City episode 9 recap – “What if You Run Into Your Ex”

January 19, 2021
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Episode 9 presents the scenario that viewers were waiting for; Jae-won finding out Yoon Seon-a’s real name.

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Episode 9 presents the scenario that viewers were waiting for; Jae-won finding out Yoon Seon-a’s real name.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Lovestruck in the City episode 9 contains significant spoilers.

After many misses and close calls, our main characters find themselves close to each other in the most bizarre of circumstances — Lovestruck in the City has slow burned this romance for sure; making it as painful for the audience as it is for Jae-won and Lee Eun-o

Episode 9 begins with Yoon Seon-a getting arrested after the events of the last episode. Jae-won then offers himself to be handcuffed with her and they both head to the police station. The chapter then flits to “three days before”, and the characters ask themselves “what do you do if you run into your ex?”. A flashback shows Sun Rin-i bumping into her ex at work and how it made her mad seeing him with someone else. She pretended that she was still his girlfriend in front of his new girlfriend to set him up, bringing a hilarious scene. She was angry that he ghosted her rather than having the courage to break up. Ah, ghosting — a topic that hasn’t really been touched much in this Netflix series.

Oh Seon-yeong and Geon have a drunken meet-up and remember why they broke up

In another flashback, we see Oh Seon-yeong catching up with her ex Geon. They talk about how happy they were in the present day, but they couldn’t forget the reasons they broke up. Oh Seon-yeong doesn’t like how Geon is close with Sun-ri and Lee Eun-o. She believes he has feelings for one of his friends. She gets increasingly angry the longer he doesn’t answer, and the vicious circle repeats itself.

And….back to the police station

Episode 9 then moves to the present day, and Jae-won and Yoon Seon-a are at the police station. The officers check out the cameras. Jae-won is concerned because he doesn’t want Yoon Seon-a to be in trouble as he’s more bothered about her than the cameras. The officers explain that the detectives will be involved and an arrest report will be drawn up. There’s panic in the room, especially from Jae-won who believes he has escalated this situation.

Yoon Seon-a turns the situation on to Jae-won

And then episode 9 sees Jae-won being served a cold dish as Yoon Seon-a manipulates the situation. Jae-won explains to Yoon Seon-a that the only reason he reported her six times is that he missed her and gets increasingly angry with the police. Eventually, Yoon Seon-a turns to Jae-won and tells him that he gave her the cameras. She’s turning this around because she doesn’t want Jae-won to know her real past. Jae-won is flabbergasted in front of the officers — he now looks like a fool.

Yoon Seon-a’s real name

And it gets worse for Jae-won and Yoon Seon-a as the situation grows more awkward, but puts an enormous obstacle between them as well. The officers uncuff Yoon Seon-a, but they still want her registration for the record as they have to due to the law. She grabs her ID, but Jae-won takes it off her and learns her real name — Lee Eun-o. He’s upset and irritated by this revelation and starts shouting. Jae-won asks the officer if he can go and quickly departs. Lee Eun-o stands there looking ashamed. Her worst nightmare has come true.

Lee Eun-o does not give up and chases Jae-won

She chases after him, but he drives off in his car. Lee Eun-o tells him to wait, but he carries on putting his foot to the pedal. She hurts herself as a scooter nearly hits her. Jae-won gets out of the car, and Lee Eun-o offers to give the cameras back. She tells him she thought it would be better if he thought she stole them. Jae-won is still restless and angry and calls her a “horrible woman” but you can tell he’s saying it out of anger; he’s feeling betrayed. She gives him the camera bag, and Jae-won smashes them to the floor. He doesn’t want them any more due to the memories; he tells her he hopes he never sees her again and walks back to his car.

Jae-won calls himself an idiot and takes his ring off and throws it in the river nearby before driving off. Lee Eun-o narrates, stating she couldn’t do anything to stop his rage and wanted to remain as Yoon Seon-a.

The ending

As the episode nears the end, there’s hope for Jae-won and Lee Eun-o despite the frustrations. Jae-won reflects on the woman he fell in love with and wonders who she really is. Meanwhile, Lee Eun-o is fixing the camera that Jae-won broke. The police officers are off duty, and they see Lee Eun-o in the river with a torch and gloves. She’s looking for a ring. Her necklace is revealed, and it has the wedding ring on. She finds Jae-won’s ring, and she’s elated — this is a massive revelation; it shows how Lee Eun-o does truly love Jae-won; it’s her pride and stubbornness getting in the way. In the credits, it shows Jae-won trying to find the ring in the river as well.

Lovestruck in the City episode 9 presents the scenario that viewers were waiting for; Jae-won finding out Yoon Seon-a’s real name.

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