A Love So Beautiful episode 15 recap – university choices

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 31, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series A Love So Beautiful episode 15


Episode 15 explores the trials and tribulations of athletes, and how a choice of university can but a romance under jeopardy.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series A Love So Beautiful episode 15 contains significant spoilers.

After Jin-hwan’s brave declaration of liking Ha-young in the previous episode, he finds himself in hospital having to draw blood. He squirms and screams, but when he sees his friends, he tries to act tough — there’s no real explanation to how he ended up in the hospital. He looks around for Ha-young and then she arrives. When she enters the room, there’s a strange silence. She gives Jin-hwan class notes. He tells her he didn’t need class notes as his mother has given him a tutor.

Did we imagine Jin-hwan asking out Ha-young and announcing that he likes her to the entire sports hall?

Cha Heon maybe going to KEIST University

Sol-i learns that Cha Heon plans to go to KEIST University. She seems nerved by this information. At the school, an advisor tells her about her current grades; she will only get into a local college. They tell her to try her best when she mentions KEIST.

Dae-sung’s swimming career is in jeopardy

A Love So Beautiful episode 15 reminds audiences of the hardships of being a young athlete. Dae-sung practices his swimming, but his doctor has warned he risks not moving his shoulder forever if he continues. He demands painkillers, so he doesn’t lose his chance in the national team. His father/coach has zero answers for once. He knows there’s a chance it could be over. Dae-sung is understandably emotional and frustrated. Athletics is the only thing he has in his life at the moment.

Jin-hwan doesn’t want to see Ha-young

At the hospital, Jin-hwan notices that Ha-young is outside his room and asks the nurses to lie to her and say that he’s been discharged. She then sees that Jin-hwan is hiding and rather than embarrass the situation, she goes home.

Why’s he hiding from her?

A bit of pool

Sol-i asks Ha-young If a long-distance relationship is possible if Cha Heon goes to KEIST University. Ha-young tells her that two hours is not long at all. Afterwards, Ha-young, Cha Heon, and Sol-i play pool. Cha Heon and Dae-sung are naturally being competitive with each other due to the unspoken love triangle. Dae-sung beats him easily. Cha Heon moodily leaves as Dae-sung teaches Sol-i how to play, but then he walks back and grabs Sol-i away. Sol-i tells Cha Heon that he isn’t bad at pool, it’s that Dae-sung is too good at it. He playfully covers her mouth. He hates losing to Dae-sung, but at least he is confidently stepping up to the plate now and showing affection to Sol-i and acting like he’s interested.

Finding out about Dae-sung’s shoulder

The next day, Dae-sung tries to wipe something off Sol-i’s face, but Cha Heon distracts the situation and tells Sol-i that a teacher wants to see her. Dae-sung knows what Cha Heon is doing. Sol-i goes to visit Ms Moon, but she’s confused as she didn’t ask for her. She’s talking to Dae-sung’s father who is explaining how his son will have to quit swimming due to his shoulders.

The ending

Sol-i speaks to Dae-sung about him quitting swimming. He denies that and says everything will be okay. She tells him he’s the coolest when he’s swimming. Later on, Sol-i tells Cha Heon that she went for a bite to eat with Dae-sung. Cha Heon tells Sol-i that he may not get accepted to KEIST University when he learns that Sol-i is studying hard. He seems to appreciate that she’s trying to go to the same university as him.

A Love So Beautiful episode 15 explores the trials and tribulations of athletes, and how a choice of university can but a romance under jeopardy. Ths series continues to be sweet and warmhearted.

Additional points
  • Doctor Mr Lee leaves the school for the last time after resigning. He tells Ha-young he has found a new job to reassure her, but it’s in America.

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