Lovestruck in the City episode 15 recap – “It’s So Hard to Get Honest”

February 9, 2021
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As this series progresses, it gets more mature, and episode 15 shows plenty of progress and sad moments to absorb.

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As this series progresses, it gets more mature, and episode 15 shows plenty of progress and sad moments to absorb.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Lovestruck in the City episode 15 contains significant spoilers. 

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They finally kissed, so episode 15 opens with Lee Eun-o and Jae-won being interviewed about it. Lee Eun-o claims she regretted it, which frustrates Jae-won, and he notes how she always kisses first. Despite the breakthrough, Lee Eun-o is trying to remain stubborn. She admits she likes him, but it’s not her priority to pursue a romance. “It’s So Hard to Get Honest” brings clarity for Jae-won; it’s not all doom and gloom — the importance of communication is key in this chapter.

They are back at square one

But before both characters reach an understanding, it’s like pulling teeth.

Jae-won tells her he doesn’t care if she was engaged before, but Lee Eun-o does care about that, which is understandable. Jae-won returns home, and he’s still incredibly frustrated — this entire situation is taking over his life. They are back at square one. Later on, he rings her repeatedly until she gives in so they can talk. Jae-won tells her he is crazy because of her. Lee Eun-o tells him she doesn’t regret meeting him, which relieves the conversation.

Lee Eun-o is on a mission of self-care

And then an understanding is reached, which feels like a relief for Lee Eun-o and the audience as well; we’ve all been banging our heads against the wall, hoping for Lee Eun-o to give Jae-won something to help the situation.

Lee Eun-o finally opens up and admits she loved every moment with Jae-won, trying out things she would have never tried, and that’s what she needed back then. She wanted to be loved. She isn’t sure if she was herself back on that holiday and wants to focus on finding her true self and avoid going back to other old self. Lee Eun-o believes that looking after herself is more important than loving Jae-won. And that’s fair enough — Lee Eun-o wants self-care to be her priority right now, making it easier for Jae-won to back off.

The next day, Jae-won offers to fix Lee Eun-o’s car mirror. He wishes her good luck in finding herself. This is what he needed — honesty. And although it’s likely that their relationship is over, it makes a moment of maturity.

Geon finds Oh Seon-yeong

Lovestruck in the City episode 15 then flits to sadder moments in the chapter; we haven’t really gone too deep into Geon’s love life with Oh Seon-yeong, but there appears to be a sombre conclusion to this relationship.

Geon finds Oh Seon-yeong lecturing students regarding smoking and throwing away the butts in the street. She tells them to pick them up. One of the students confronts Geon, but then Oh Seon-yeong tells the student that she’s Geon’s girlfriend. The pair go for drinks at a pop-up bar after. Oh Seon-yeong admits she is hot-tempered like her mother and that she couldn’t forget him. She then asks Geon if he likes Lee Eun-o and he bluntly says “no” — he’s being straightforward with her, and calls her the sexiest. Geon thought Oh Seon-yeong had fallen out of love, which is why he didn’t tell her sooner.

Oh Seon-yeong tells Geon that she will no longer come to him when she misses her mother and will end the relationship for good this time. She takes out her hand to shake on it, and Geon reluctantly grabs it. It’s an emotional moment between the two. You can tell that it’s a regretful break-up, leaving the audiences to assume that it may well not be truly over.

Relive the moment where Jae-won finds out that Lee Eun-o kept the rings

Lee Eun-o comes clean

Episode 15 brings another breakthrough: Lee Eun-o faces her real fears — her friends.

Lee Eun-o sits her friends down for a talk and talks about when she went off the radar. She’s decided to come clean on what happened. Flashbacks show that when returned home, Geon had kept her place warm and washed the bedding. Geon explains that Rin-i went looking for her. Her friends waited for her and made sure she had a life to return to. Rin-i missed her terribly. This context shows how loyal Lee Eun-o’s friends were when they could have understandably parted with her.

In the present day, she thanks and apologizes to Geon and Sun Rin-i and admits she hid behind their kindness.

The ending

Lee Eun-o doesn’t want any more secrets — she tells them about her alias Yoon Seon-a and that she stole Jae-won’s cameras. Allowing the truth to come out makes her sob uncontrollably — months of hiding what happened is coming all out at once. Geon and Rin-i tell her it isn’t her fault and the circumstances with her ex-fiance and a prospective company taking away her new career were important factors to how she behaved. Rin-i tells her that the old Eun-o wasn’t stupid and that she was kind and warmhearted. They like the new Lee Eun-o as well.

As the episode draws closer, Lee Eun-o finds a necklace with a mini padlock and wonders what it is. Jae-won fiddles with the wedding rings. It’s not over yet folks.

As this series progresses, it gets more mature, and Lovestruck in the City episode 15 shows plenty of progress and sad moments to absorb.

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  • February 20, 2021 at 3:49 pm

    Im still bitter it took her 15 episodes and like a year of pain for Jaewon to let.him.know she liked him but wasnt ready for a relationship…
    Its quite stupid tbh. hope they dont end up together -but I knowthey will because this is dramaland- becauae if it takes him this long to get a honest response from her, he’ll self destruct! Same with Geon and SY… if shes so petty to leavw him naked in the streets and explode with insecurity at the sight of his girl friends, idk how they can work out unless theres real change.

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