Hello, Me! episode 2 recap – teen Ha-ni doesn’t know why she’s in the future

February 18, 2021
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Episode 2 brings both the younger Ha-ni and the older version together as they begin to understand their similarities and differences due to age and life experiences. So far, this season is creative and written well.

This recap of K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 2 contains spoilers.

After a heartwarming opener, the second episode delves into Ha-ni’s (teen) perspective of her older self. So far, the K-drama series is setting the premise wonderfully.

Episode 2 opens with two surgeons in the afterlife talking about Ha-ni. Others join in on the conversation and talk about Ha-ni’s life and how they met her, including Anthony (the actor) and the last man she dated. Ha-ni gets up on her bed and starts doing the squid dance with everyone. When she wakes up in the present day and alive, it replays the ending of episode 1, where she meets her younger self in the next hospital bed who has travelled to the future by accident.

Ha-ni freaks out, and so does her younger self

And what follows is a denial by both characters — I mean, who wouldn’t be?

Bahn Ha-ni freaks out at seeing her younger self and starts attacking her, believing it just be a dream. When her younger self is hurt, it freaks her out even more. She then notices the mole on her foot and realises it’s the same as hers. Ha-ni is facing her younger self; the security drags her out due to the commotion. She then has to convince the hospital that she isn’t crazy.

As for Ha-ni (teen), she asks the hospital if they’ve found her parents yet. On her phone, it says “100 days to go,” and she isn’t sure what it means. Outside the hospital, she bumps into Han Yu-hyeon, who feels he has met her somewhere before. On TV, she sees a star (Hyo-ri) that’s now old and freaks out. It suddenly dawns on her that it’s 2020. SHe confronts older Ha-ni and asks who she is.

Ha-ni (teen) has no idea why she’s in the future

Ha-ni (teen) is confused as to why she’s in the future. She says she remembers her father chasing her after an audition which slightly irks Ha-ni. They ask each other questions that only they’d know about. The pair worry that people will do experiments on them due to this experience. Hello, Me! episode 2 delve into their obvious similarities straight away.

Han Yu-hyeon saved Ha-ni’s life

Ha-ni tries to sneak her teen self out of the hospital in a wheelchair, but Han Yu-hyeon sees them and nearly blows their cover. She tells him to leave her alone, but Yu-hyeon tells her that he saved her from a truck as she was about to get hit and dislocated his shoulder. Ha-ni is suddenly grateful; Yu-hyeon asks her to pay for his hospital bill. Ha-ni says she will but also wants help with her teen version’s situation to sneak her out of the hospital.

Outside, Ha-ni learns that Yu-hyeon let her teen version go, and she’s mortified. Yu-hyeon asks for money as he has none and keeps making her feel guilty for saving her life.

Things have changed

Ha-ni (teen) realises that her house is gone and cries that she knows no-one in the future. Ha-ni finds her at high school, and Ha-ni (teen) is upset that so much has changed. And then Ha-ni gets a call telling her that Seong-u is returning to Korea. Ha-ni and her teen self go to an apartment.

Ha-yeong’s home

Hello, Me! episode 2 then sees it dawn on Ha-ni’s younger self what has happened to her future, and it’s a sobering experience.

Ha-ni (teen) asks where her parents and grandma are, and Ha-ni explains they live in another city. Suddenly, Ha-ni begins to clean the entire apartment and cook food. Suddenly, the real owners of the apartment arrive, and Ha-ni reveals its not her home, it’s Ha-yeong’s.

A flashback shows Chi-su giving Ha-yeong a romantic card and asking to give it to her sister Ha-ni. However, when she gives her the card, Ha-ni is not interested, leaving Ha-yeong frustrated. She calls her sister “bald eagle” due to the patch in her head.

Being the sister’s maid

Ha-ni (teen) is dismayed that she grew up to be her sister’s maid and can’t believe she is “a loser”. When Ha-yeong enters the apartment, Ha-ni has to hide her teen herself while she has dinner with her sister and niece. During dinner, Ha-ni (teen) needs the toilet and tries to signal to Ha-ni. Suddenly, Ha-yeong hears a scream in the bathroom, so Ha-ni purposefully creates a hob fire in the kitchen to distract her.

Yu-hyeon owes his father a lot of money

When Yu-hyeon returns home, his father Ji-man shows him all his receipts and transactions for his hobbies. He tells him that he cannot return home until he pays for his 1.82 billion won expenditure. The father and son keep arguing. The story between Ha-ni and Yu-hyeon has not been sold yet; there’s no indication of what type of relationship they will have.

Money problems

Ha-yeong is dismayed at Ha-ni for acting out of character and asks why she has a sister that makes her life hell. Ha-ni (teen) doesn’t seem to understand how her actions have consequences. They go for something to eat after, and Ha-ni (teen) is shocked by how much food costs. Ha-ni decides to meet Yu-hyeon to get her money back, but he asks for more instead, stating how he saved her life again. Neither of them has much money. Ha-ni tells him to pay back the money by the end of the week. This does not feel likely.

Convincing work to keep her

The next day, Ha-ni tells Ha-ni (teen) not to call her an old lady before she heads to work. She sees Yu-hyeon asleep nearby, so puts a blanket over him. Ha-ni heads into work and tells her manager not to fire her from work. He tells her he will talk to the board to sort it out, but Ha-ni says she will sort it out.

The compensation chat

After the last episode, where Ha-ni loses her job due to a child’s allergic reaction to a Squid-good product on her stand at work, episode 2 finally brings that story back.

Ji-man learns there’s nothing wrong with their Squid-good product at the board meeting, and they suspect it was a set-up.

Ha-ni approaches the mother of the kid who had an allergic reaction to the Squid-good and asks for forgiveness, so she doesn’t lose her job. The mother pushes her to the floor, and Ha-ni begs her. Her teen self sees what she’s becoming as Ha-ni picks up a fruit from the floor. Oh Ji-eun, the team leader of Joa Confectionery’s, visits the same mother to discuss the compensation fee. The mother is cocky, and Oh Ji-eun states that her son looks well. The mother is frustrated and asks if they can talk privately.

The ending

Meanwhile, the son leaves his hospital bed and sees Ha-ni (teen) sat next to a pack of Choco Chip, so she offers him the bag. He suddenly starts having an allergic reaction and begins to choke. There’s a commotion, and Ha-ni tries to help him. Oh Ji-eun sees the pack of Choco Chip and notes it’s from Geoseong Confectionery. The mother starts accusing Ha-ni (teen) of feeding her son. Oh Ji-eun recognises the younger version of Ha-ni as the commotion continues.

Ha-ni takes her teen self away from the situation and asks her why she’s making her life a mess. Ha-ni (teen) believes it’s a cheap shot considering her life is terrible, and she’s begging people on her hands and knees. The older Ha-ni realises her younger self is right. Flashbacks show Ha-ni when she’s younger; she avoid the truck, but her father is hit by it, and he dies. This is the original Ha-ni’s timeline, and she clearly felt her father’s death was her fault.

Hello, Me! episode 2 brings both the younger Ha-ni and the older version together as they begin to understand their similarities and differences due to age and life experiences. So far, this season is creatively and written well.

Additional points
  • Anthony is told by his professional circle that he has to accept that he’s not as popular anymore. Anthony tells his agent Jeong-man to make him desirable again.

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