Hello, Me! episode 4 recap – Ha-ni gets a house and job

February 25, 2021
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Episode 4 is a slight improvement from a jaded previous chapter, giving Ha-ni a much-needed perspective as her confidence improves.

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Episode 4 is a slight improvement from a jaded previous chapter, giving Ha-ni a much-needed perspective as her confidence improves.

This recap of K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 4 contains spoilers.

We weren’t very impressed with the last episode — it was all over the place, however, this is a little better. It needs to focus more on Ha-ni and the lessons she learns from her past self, and vice versa, rather than muddling everything with all the side plots.

Continuing from the last episode, both Ha-nis bump into her sister Ha-yeong in her apartment. There’s a complete shock on both sides in the room. Ha-yeong recognises both of them as her sister and wants to know what’s going on. To blag the situation, Ha-ni (teen) pretends that she’s Ha-ni’s daughter. A scuffle occurs, and Ha-ni (teen) accidentally rips out some of Ha-yeong’s hair. They are kicked out. Well, that was a fail!

Asking for money off Ha-yeong

Ha-ni (teen) enjoys a bath and juice and tells herself she’d rather be back where she came from. She then wonders if they can have their own place. The young Ha-ni visits Ha-yeong and asks for help with money. Ha-yeong is still confused as to why the young girl looks like her sister. She gives in and gives them a cheque of 10 million won. The pair go house hunting. Meanwhile, desperate for a place, Han Yu-hyeon goes hunting for student housing as it’s cheaper.

Anthony hikes for his next work

Hello, Me! episode 4 brings Anthony back into the fold — he’s not really a likeable character so far, which is ironic.

Anthony goes on a hike to meet a writer who is in the mountains. He brings her food and wild fish and tries to charm her. He wants her to cast him in a drama she’s working on. She tells him she doesn’t like his negative image and doesn’t want to attach it to the drama. Anthony explains how he caught the fish himself and how she’s worth it, making the writer feel bad. She agrees to put his name up as a candidate. Afterwards, Gyeong-sik presents a data analysis on Anthony’s image, and it’s obvious what the problem is — he’s shot himself in the foot many times on social media.

Bumping into Han Yu-hyeon, again

The series keeps bringing Han Yu-hyeon and Ha-ni together, but unfortunately, there’s no chemistry there yet.

Han Yu-hyeon bumps into Ha-nis, and he tells them that they are neighbours now and it must be a coincidence. He tries offering her a beer, but she isn’t interested in socialising with him. When she walks away, Ha-ni (teen) tells him to stop hitting on her “mother”. Afterwards, there’s a rumour that Ha-ni’s new place is haunted and the teen version wants to leave. Ha-ni tells her that money is scarier than ghosts because a lack of money can kill people. As they both go to sleep, they sing together.

Ha-ni gets her job back

The next day, both Ha-nis continue protesting by dancing outside the Joa Confectionery company building. Ji-man sees them again. She is stating that the Squid-good incident was fake and she was unfairly dismissed. The protests work, and Ha-ni gets a job for the company. The pair go out for dinner after to celebrate. They are slowly enjoying the presence of each other; their youth and maturity, naivety and self-awareness. When they go clothes shopping, Ha-ni (teen) asks why she doesn’t wear a skirt which bugs Ha-ni. She suddenly remembers herself as a little girl and the scar on her leg when the truck hit her father. While getting changed, Ha-ni (teen) sees the scar, and Ha-ni gets defensive.

The ending

Ha-ni’s mother Ok-jeong rings Ha-ni and wants her new address. She’s nervous, not wanting her mother to come over. Ha-ni (teen) shouts over Ha-ni over the phone with a familiar family phrase. Ha-ni meets her mother outside. Suddenly, her grandma attacks her when leaving the taxi, calling her a “wench”. Her grandmother has dementia. When Ha-ni heads inside, she’s upset that everyone has aged. Ha-ni tells her that it’s life and that when she goes back, she should tell her that she loves her grandma every day.

At Joa Confectionery offices, there’s a rumour going around that the chairman is conducting nepotism. Oh Ji-eun is annoyed she didn’t know about the new worker. However, it isn’t nepotism, the new employee is Ha-ni.

Ha-ni walks into the office to start her new job and introduces herself. They all look her up and down. Oh Ji-eun recognises her.

Hello, Me! episode 4 is a slight improvement from a jaded previous chapter, giving Ha-ni a much-needed perspective as her confidence improves.

Additional points
  • Han Yu-hyeon’s mother gets someone to follow her son.
  • Ha-yeong’s grandma has a CAT scan at the hospital — she sees her mother and reveals that Ha-ni has moved out.

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