Hello, Me! episode 10 recap – the old cellphone rings

March 18, 2021
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Episode 10 is continuing this serious tone, and it works. The k-drama series is turning things around in the second half of the series.

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Episode 10 is continuing this serious tone, and it works. The k-drama series is turning things around in the second half of the series.

This recap of the K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 10 contains spoilers.

A lot of the story is centred around Ha-ni’s grandmother at the moment, and episode 10 opens with a flashback of her receiving a phone call, learning that Ha-ni’s father Gi-tae has died. In the present day, the grandmother recognises the teen Ha-ni. The pair have an emotional conversation — the grandma gives her a gift and tells her to keep it with her at all times as it will keep her alive; it’s a cellphone charger, and she tells Ha-ni to answer it when it calls. This is turning into a mystery!

When she leaves her grandmother’s room, Seong-u finds her and asks for her phone number; he explains how she’s driving him crazy since they met (this is getting weird). Ha-ni tells him to pull it together. Suddenly Ha-ni’s mother walks through the door, and she’s shocked that she looks exactly like her younger daughter — Ha-ni (teen) walks outside and sobs, wishing she could spend more time with her mother. Suddenly, the grandmother sees the phone that she gave to Ha-ni (teen) and freaks out to her daughter for having it. Ha-ni (teen) dropped it on the way out.

The main question for this series is now — who is going to ring that cellphone? And why?

Anthony feels guilty

We are treated to a flashback at Gi-tae’s funeral, and Ha-ni is in absolute despair, screaming from the rooftops. Chun-sik sees the pain Ha-ni is in, and it makes him cry. In the present day, Anthony (Chun-sik) remembers that day, and it proves that he really does care about her. He feels partially at fault for what happened to her father.

Ha-ni’s mother comes for a chat

Hello, Me! episode 10 sees another character exposed to the younger Ha-ni and the older Ha-ni has to navigate difficult conversations.

Ha-ni’s mother heads over to her apartment, so she has to hide her teen self. Her mother raises how she’s seen a girl who looks exactly like her when she was a child. Ha-ni states that she does not believe that girl looks like her and that she’s now gone to the States after saying goodbye to Seong-u. The mother then passes Ha-ni her old cellphone charger, stating her grandmother wanted her to have it. As her mother leaves, Han Yu-hyeon bumps into them outside, which causes a weird tension.

Where is my father?

Ha-ni finds her teen self afterwards and warns her to stay away from Ha-yeong’s place. I’m sure this is like the fifth warning at this point. Ha-ni gives her teen self her cellphone charger; however, it doesn’t seem to work when she uses it. Ha-ni (teen) suddenly gets curious and wonders where her father is. Ha-ni lies and says he’s in another district, and her teen self wants to visit him.

Ha-ni and Han Yu-hyeon get to work on their project and make a new product together in the cafeteria kitchen. They seem to be enjoying the challenge together. Ha-ni wants people to taste their product the next day so they can gather information.

The random family photoshoot

Ha-ni learns that her teen self has signed for the same agency that Anthony is a part of. She tells Anthony and his team that she will not be signing for them. Ha-ni (teen) has a tantrum and nearly gives away the time travel, so Ha-ni takes her home. Suddenly, the agent has a photoshoot idea where they act as a family, and Ha-ni and Anthony are husband and wife for a magazine Ha-ni asks her teen self what will happen if people see the photos. Ha-ni (teen) begs her, and she agrees. They have to put make-up on, and Anthony thinks Ha-ni looks amazing. The photo shoot begins, and they act like a family.

Afterwards, Anthony tells Ha-ni that the younger Ha-ni reminds him of when she was younger. He then gives her a photo of Ha-ni and her younger self that will not make it to the magazine. He thanks her for smiling.

Family news

Oh Ji-eun and Do-yun reveal to the family that they are having a baby, and everyone is elated. Ji-man is over the moon, but there’s a tinge of sadness that he’s going blind and will likely not be able to see his grandchild properly. Afterwards, Han Yu-hyeon uses his first paycheck to buy his father something. It’s a red jumper.

The ending

Ha-ni, her teen self and Han Yu-hyeon present their snacks to a test group to try out so they can get some feedback. The majority of the feedback finds the snack too bland and boring. During the night, Ha-ni has an idea about changing the product. She reckons the puffed rice will complement the taste of the tofu and not take away the taste. The next day, Ha-ni (teen) tries it out, and she is amazed by it.

As the episode ends, Ha-ni’s (teen) old cellphone rings and she’s shocked. Ha-ni (teen) picks up the old cellphone as it rings. Meanwhile, Ha-ni begins to present her snack as part of the contest.

Hello, Me! episode 10 is continuing this serious tone, and it works. The k-drama series is turning things around in the second half of the series.

Additional points
  • Ji-man learns that he’s eventually going to go blind and that he must tell his family before it’s too late. He’s not ready to face his family over this issue yet, especially his son. Later on, he has dinner with his son Han Yu-hyeon. Deep down, these two love each other.

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