Navillera episode 7 recap – an upsetting discovery regarding Deok-chul

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 12, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 7


Talk about pulling at the heartstrings – episode 7 is an upsetting chapter that provides a shocking discovery regarding Deok-chul.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 7 contains spoilers.

The last episode brought a cause for concern, and episode 7 continues that narrative.

Hae-nam rings Chae-rok asking for help — Deok-chul has disappeared. Chae-rok rushes to the aquarium, and they put a plan together to find him. Deok-chul finally makes it back to the table where he and his wife were, and Chae-rok finds him; he’s angry because he went missing. Hae-nam is also furious — Deok-chul is apologetic, stating he lost his way after believing a child went missing.

At this stage of the chapter, we were already pondering what really happened here, and we were not prepared.

The Pain and clarity with his coach

Episode 7 sees Chae-rok’s risk of not entering the competition increase, but maybe the character only required context and clarity in order to understand why his coach wants him to be careful. After all, it is his coach. Chae-rok visits his doctor and asks why he’s in pain — he wants more medication, but the doctor advises against it. At the studio, there’s tension between him and Ki Seung-joo.

Later on, Ki Seung-joo tells a story of the performance that dragged him off stage for good. He was injured, but he fought through the pain. The doctors told him he would not be able to dance again — a prospective career over, and it was the lowest point of his life. Ki Seung-joo tells Chae-rok that he wants him to dance on his behalf.

Confiding with Deok-chul 

Like a father figure he is, Deok-chul also offers some wise words to the young lad.

Chae-rok finally admits to Deok-chul that he’s dropping out of the competition. He expresses he wants to compete and that he’s already told his father about it. Deok-chul tells Chae-rok of a time when he was younger when he hurt himself, and he couldn’t do his mail services he job — he recovered and managed to continue with his job. He tells Chae-rok that he will come back. Following on from this conversation, Chae-rok tells Ki Seung-joo that he will go through rehab and recover properly — he does cite that they are not the same.

It’s good that Chae-rok provided the differences between him and his coach — Ki Seung-joo cannot live his life vicariously through his mentee.

Giving Deok-chuk perspective

Navillera episode 7 sees Deok-chul going through a bout of insecurity after experiencing some raised eyebrows regarding his ballet.

At the studio, Chae-rok wants to go through to the next phase of training with Deok-chul. The older man has started to progress, but he is starting to doubt himself due to acquaintances making strange comments about doing ballet. Ki Seung-joo takes Deok-chul to Kim Heung-sik Ballet Company. He tells him that So-ri wants him to be a coach at the establishment. The trio checks out the ballet dancers in practice.

One of the women practising is in a wheelchair — Ki Seung-joo asks Deok-chul of his opinion — he thinks she is a beautiful dancer and is no longer ashamed that he does it at his age. Ki Seung-joo tells Deok-chul to figure out ballet his own way.

Chae-rok tells Deok-chul to dance in front of everyone as a practice to be on stage one day. Deok-chul plucks up the courage and performs a routine. Everyone applauds.

The ending

However, the end of episode 7 is upsetting — we could see it coming, but it doesn’t make it easier to accept what we are witnessing.

Afterwards, in a shock revelation, Chae-rok looks through Deok-chul’s ballet notebook, and the man has written down that he has Alzheimer’s. This hits Chae-rok like a brick. Scenes show Deok-chul writing notes so he can remember things. Flashbacks show the doctor telling Deok-chul to tell his family early or, alternatively, write plenty of notes, so he doesn’t forget important aspects of his life.

Episode 7 ends in upsetting circumstances as Deok-ch realises his condition is getting worse — he doesn’t know what to do next.

Talk about pulling at the heartstrings – Navillera episode 7 is an upsetting chapter that provides a shocking discovery regarding Deok-chul.

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  • Eun-ho starts her new job in a junior role at a radio station. Her father disapproves of the freelance position, but she wants to try something different.

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