Mad for Each Other episode 1 recap – “Rainy Days Bring Out The Mad People”

May 24, 2021
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Episode 1 is merely a plot setter for what’s to come as the k-drama series begins this romantic story.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 1, “Rainy Days Bring Out The mad People,” contains major spoilers. 

A new week and Netflix bring in a new original to complement Mine after the weekend with bite-sized episodes of Mad for Each Other.

The first chapter gets off to a rainy start. Noh Hwi-oh tries to get off the bus, but another woman gets in his way, so the vehicle keeps moving. He’s annoyed at her as he finally gets off the bus. He finds an umbrella, but a gust of wind breaks it instantly. He then tries to smoke, but the rain extinguishes it. Noh Hwi-oh speaks to his psychiatrist about it and tells her he does not like rainy days but that he’s committed to treatment, but then he goes into a rant. The psychiatrist notes down that her client has post-traumatic embitterment disorder (PTED). She asks if his hands are okay as they look a little wounded.

Paths cross violently, and different stories are relayed to the psychiatrist

We are then introduced to the leading woman, Lee Min-kyung, who is equally annoyed being in the rain. She sees Noh Hwi-oh ahead of her, and she kicks him his slipper that has come off his foot. Lee Min-kyung sees the same psychiatrist. She tells her that she wants to avoid people, but she came across a crazy man (Noh Hwi-oh) — she believes she is being followed. The psychiatrist suggests that they were heading to the same place, but Min-kyung says she also saw this man in their apartment building as well, and her paranoia increases. Scenes show Min-kyung attacking him in the elevator, believing he was going to assault her. The psychiatrist notes down that Min-kyung has delusional disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Mad for Each Other episode 1 introduces two characters who equally need help.

Min-kyung puts Hwi-oh in a bad spot 

In the evening, Lee Min-kyung sees Hwi-oh at a store and asks the till assistant if the man is looking at her. She tells the till assistant to be careful of that man. Afterward, Hwi-oh complains to the shopkeeper about the noodles he’s had, but she tells him that the CCTV is recording him. She obviously believed in Min-kyung’s warnings. Hwi-oh needs the bathroom, but the till assistant will not give him keys to the bathroom, so he needs to try and get home without soiling himself with diarrhea. As he makes his way home holding it in, Min-kyung sees him and runs away.

She makes it to the apartment elevator and manages to close the door before he gets there. Hwi-oh runs up the stairs to make it to his apartment. Min-kyung screams as she sees him on her floor. When he reaches the bathroom, his father is sat on the toilet, and he tells him to get out. His mother tries calming down as she thinks he’s trying to fight his father. However, he doesn’t make it to the bathroom, and he s***s himself.

Family woes 

Later in the evening, as Hwi-oh’s mother cleans his clothes, she tells the father that Hwi-oh is sick because he wasn’t loved enough. The father calls him an embarrassment, and the mother gets emotionally frustrated. She’s upset that her son is so lonely, he s**t himself. What a depressing statement to make.

The ending 

Hwi-oh leaves the apartment, and heads into a hot bath — he remembers the woman that attacked him and believes she’s crazier than him. Meanwhile, Min-kyung is doing her night routine; making sure the doors are locked, gas stoves are off, and everything is in order. But, then, the till assistant we saw earlier is attacked by a man that reveals his genitals.

As Hwi-oh makes his way home, he sees Min-kyung in the parking lot looking for a dog — she finds him under a car and wants to take him home. Suddenly, she sees Min-kyung, and she panics again. He asks her what she’s doing here; she looks at the CCTV and screams for help. Min-kyung climbs on his car, and Hwi-oh tells her to get down as the alarm goes off.

Mad for Each Other episode 1 is merely a plot setter for what’s to come as the k-drama series begins this romantic story.

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