You Season 4 Episode 4 Recap – what has Kate been hiding from Joe?

February 9, 2023
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The fourth episode takes the characters outside the hustle and bustle of London and into the countryside, at Lady Pheobe’s little cottage (read: mansion).

We recap the Netflix series You Season 4 Episode 4, “Hampsie,” which contains spoilers.

The fourth episode takes the characters outside the hustle and bustle of London and into the countryside, at Lady Pheobe’s little cottage (read: mansion). Joe (played by Penn Badgley) wants to use this opportunity to put an end to his stalker, aka the Eat The Rich Killer, once and for all, but instead gets closer to Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) and learns her big secret.

Our hero also begins to doubt his efforts of protecting the group of the rich and spoiled from the murderer, especially as they keep showing him how despicable they truly are. Meanwhile, Adam (Lukas Gage) is in financial trouble and thinks proposing to Lady Pheobe (Tilly Keeper) is his best way out. 

You Season 4 Episode 4 recap

The last episode’s cliffhanger is resolved straight away. Not only is Joe nowhere near the police’s radar, but the two inspectors are grateful for Professor Moore’s insight into the whole blackmailing situation between the two murder victims. 

Joe arrives at Hampsie

As this whole unpleasant murder business seems to be putting a downer on the Sundry House crowd, they all decide to take a little break in the country, at the Hampsie cottage Lady Pheobe owns. Of course, the little cottage is an actual mansion and Joe gets an invite because… why wouldn’t he? For our protagonist, the opportunity to get all the suspects in one place is too good to miss. 

Upon arrival at Hampsie, Joe finally gets the chance to chat with Gemma, who proves herself an awful human being on more than one occasion. For fun, Gemma likes to use staff members as human croquet hoops. She’s also very vocal in her beliefs that being a member of the elite makes her far superior to the rest of us peasants. 

After learning that he’s been assigned one of the better rooms in the mansion and that the estate gets no phone signal (giving our hero a break from his stalker’s incessant texting), Joe receives a mysterious note summoning him to the arms room. And while Joe was ready to strangle whoever slipped said note, upon entering the room he finds none other than Lady Pheobe dressed in lingerie to the nines and trying to seduce him. (Fun fact: Phoebe likes to make wax candles out of all of her lover’s manhoods).

A surprised Joe concludes that Lady Pheobe is most definitely not the killer and gently lets her down by reminding her of her love for Adam, her boyfriend. Unbeknownst to Joe or Pheobe, dear Adam is in severe debt, and marrying the rich heiress would solve all his problems. So, he’s thinking of proposing. 

Why Joe thinks Roald’s the killer

Joe soon sets his eyes on the most likely candidate for the Eat The Rich Killer – Roald. It turns out that Roald has known Kate since they were teenagers sent off to the same boarding school in the U.S. Not only that, but the knife aficionado is obsessed with Kate and cared little for Malcolm, who was a bad boyfriend, or for Simon, who was a fraudulent artist. During a little hunting hike with Joe, Roald makes his feelings for Kate very clear and even goes as far as to threaten our protagonist with a shotgun. Luckily, Kate intervenes and potentially saves Joe’s life. 

During the first half of the episode, Joe tried hard to stay away and deny his feelings for Kate. But by the second night, all inhibitions are dropped and Joe and Kate get down and dirty before the evening’s big dinner. While attending the dinner party, Gemma makes some drunken comments accusing Jonathan of being the Eat The Rich Killer, while Roald alludes to a big secret Kate’s been keeping. Up until now, Joe thought Kate was the only one in her friend’s group who had to work. 

What has Kate been hiding?

Dinner is interrupted by Lady Pheobe inviting her guests to take part in a murder mystery game, while Joe follows Kate outside and learns her secret. As it turns out, Kate’s the daughter of Tom Lockwood, a multi-billionaire and one of the most powerful men in the world. She’s been estranged from daddy dearest for years as some of his sins include, buying businesses and leaving workers unemployed, protecting CEOs from sexual assault charges, and faking water toxicity reports which resulted in several children getting cancer. It’s safe to say Kate doesn’t have anything nice to say about her dad. 

You Season 4 Episode 4 Ending Explained

After his enlightening conversation with Kate, Joe proceeds to search Roald’s room for evidence of him being the killer. He doesn’t find much but gets caught in the act by an unimpressed Roald who pushes Joe out the second-floor window. Miraculously alive and still convinced Roald is the real killer and his stalker, all Joe wants is a quiet place to think about his next moves.

Unfortunately, that’s not on the cards as he hears a panicked scream coming from Kate’s room. Upon entering, Joe finds his worst nightmare unfolding (again) – Gemma’s dead on the floor and Kate is kneeling beside her with a bloody knife. Could it be that Joe has once again fallen for a Love Quinn?

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  • February 13, 2023 at 7:51 pm

    I think the problem with the season is that all the characters are unlikeable. You wouldn’t mind if he killed them all

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