You Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – who is the Eat The Rich Killer?

By Lori Meek
Published: February 9, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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You has always been a show where the suspension of disbelief was an essential part of enjoying it, and this episode is a perfect example of that. It’s a wild, crazy, and ridiculous ride, for sure. But it somehow works.

We recap the Netflix series You Season 4 Episode 5, “The Fox and the Hound,” which contains spoilers.

Season 4 Episode 5 makes for a strong end to the season’s first half. Joe (played by Penn Badgley) gets in more trouble than he bargained for, his feelings towards Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) are confusing and the little rivalry he’s had with Roald (Ben Wiggins) hits an almost-deadly breaking point. The Eat The Rich Killer finally reveals himself, making Joe more determined than ever to put a stop to him.

You has always been a show where the suspension of disbelief was essential to enjoying it, and this episode is a perfect example of that. It’s a wild, crazy, and utmost ridiculous ride, for sure. But it somehow works. 

You Season 4 Episode 5 recap

The half-season finale starts with Joe firmly convinced that Kate is the Eat The Rich Killer despite her protests, yet still agrees to help her hide poor Gemma’s body. As the security detail outside belongs to Kate’s dad, the last thing she needs is him using the string of murders as a way back into her life.

Things quickly take a turn when Kate begins suspecting Joe himself of being the killer (after all, he is way too cool and collected during the whole corpse disposal thing), which leads to him telling her everything. Well, almost everything – he does admit to finding Malcolm’s body on his kitchen table and tells Kate about the texts he’s been getting from the real killer. He even briefly mentions how his marriage went up in flames back in Madre Linda, but leaves out a couple of crucial details. Surprisingly, Kate fully believes him. 

Lady Pheobe learns about Adam’s Kink

Meanwhile, Lady Pheobe finally finds out about Adam’s kinky preferences. Joe told her as a way of getting her out of the room when she nearly caught him and Kate trying to hide dearly departed Gemma.

At first, her ladyship takes the news surprisingly well, and even offers to take part in Adam’s fantasy. Things take a sour turn, however, when Adam admits he only likes receiving golden showers from servants, as he enjoys putting those beneath him above, at least briefly. Well-versed in the psychology behind kinks, Pheobe decides to break up with Adam as she now knows he considers himself beneath her, something with the potential to create resentment between them. An angry Adam joins the rest of his friends in the main party room and vows to get revenge on Jonathan Moore for spilling his secret and ruining his life. 

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As Jonathan returns to the game larder (where he and Kate unceremoniously left Gemma) to retrieve the bracelet Kate somehow managed to lose while moving the body, Phoebe happens upon the blood-stained carpet left in the room. Kate relates the night’s ordeal to Pheobe, who appears remarkably calm, given the situation (the benzodiazepine she took is clearly doing its job). Phoebe and Kate decide to send the staff home and use the security detail still outside for protection.

Unfortunately, Roald has overheard the entire conversation. The knife-collecting aristocrat is already enraged about Jonathan’s relationship with Kate and decides to finally take matters into his own hand. 

Joe’s mock-trial 

While Joe’s busy looking for Kate’s bracelet, Roald walks into the game larder and holds our anti-hero at gunpoint. He then takes Joe back inside the mansion, where he accuses him of being the Eat The Rich Killer in front of Adam, Sophie, Blessing, and Connie. Things don’t go well for Joe during his mock trial as every attendant either hates him or is too drunk and high to care. Blessing and Sophie both seem to find the situation hilarious, while Connie passes out.

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Eventually, Roald decides to sentence the protagonist to death, leading to Joe punching Adam before making a run for it. As Joe’s running through the woods with Roald on his trail, he starts questioning some of his life decisions. When the murderous aristocrat finally catches up with him, Joe manages to disarm him and knock him out. 

Who is the Eat The Rich Killer?

Joe gets little time to breathe before none other than Rhys Montrose shows up out of nowhere and knocks him unconscious with the shotgun. As it turns out, Rhys, Joe’s only friend in London, is the brutal Kill The Rich Killer.

After tying up Joe and Roald inside a dungeon underneath Hampsie, Rhys asks Joe to kill the man who was hunting him with a gun mere minutes ago. Being the good guy he is, Joe fails to murder Roald, disappointing Rhys in the process, which leads to the future mayor of London setting the dungeon on fire. 

As the whole mansion is catching fire, Joe manages to free himself from the shackles before hesitantly doing the same for Roald. For a few seconds there, it appears both men are about to burn. But we’re only halfway through the season and Joe has a track record of miraculously surviving anything. So, Kate finds them and saves both men, while everyone else manages to get out safely from Hampsie before the manor is engulfed in flames. 

You Season 4 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Back in London, Joe’s relieved that all members of the friends’ group now know he’s innocent. They even managed to apologize somewhat, it was half an apology but better than nothing. Kate knocks on his door to gift him some of Malcolm’s old clothes (it’s fine, these are items he never wore) and asks him out.

Fully engrossed in the whole Rhys situation, Joe rejects her. You Season 4 Episode 5 ends with Joe watching Rhys on the telly announcing he’s running for Mayor. He vows to stop the deranged killer from causing any more damage. 

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