New Upcoming K-Dramas to Watch in March 2023

February 23, 2023 (Last updated: 5 days ago)
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We discuss the New Upcoming K-Dramas to Watch in March 2023. Keep this page handy to keep track of the latest Korean Drama offerings.

March will soon be upon us, and with it comes some much-anticipated K-Dramas.

The first most notable drama is The Glory Part 2, which those who watched Part 1 have been anxiously waiting for since the end of 2022. Writer Kim Eun Sook, best known for her romantic blockbuster K-Dramas, offers up her first revenge thriller to colossal success. It placed #1 on Netflix in ten countries and finished in the top 5 worldwide. Led by Song Hye Kyo, who also starred in Kim’s Descendants of the Sun, this revenge drama was a solid, though harrowing, binge, given the graphic nature of the bullying shown.

Another long-awaited return is Joseon Lawyer, which marks Woo Do Hwan’s first role since returning from military duty (save a guest appearance on Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist 2). In addition to Joseon Lawyer, Korean Drama shows continue its run of legal dramas this season, with Divorce Attorney Shin starring Cho Seung Woo as a classically-trained pianist-turned-divorce attorney.

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Joseon Lawyer also represents one of many historical offerings this month. Romantic Guest House, another Joseon-era drama, led by Shin Ye Eun, which viewers can also see star in The Glory Part 2 this month.

Here is a list of all the upcoming March 2023 Korean dramas. Please note we got our plot summaries from our friends over at AsianWiki.

New Upcoming K-Dramas to Watch in March 2023

Delivery Man

Genre:  Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural

Episodes: 12

Air date: March 1

Where to watch: Viki

Seo Young-Min works as a taxi driver to support himself. Somehow, Seo Young-Min begins to take only ghosts as his passengers, and he grants their wishes. He gets help from a ghost and an ER doctor.

Divorce Attorney Shin

Genre:  Legal

Episodes: 12

Air date: March 4

Where to watch: Netflix

Shin Sung-Han majored in piano and became a professor at a music university in Germany. One day, he hears shocking news and travels back to South Korea. He eventually begins to work as a lawyer, specializing in divorce. Based on the webcomic “Shinsunghan, Yihon” by Kang Tae-Kyung.


Genre:  Historical, Romance, Youth

Episodes: 16

Air date: March 6

Set during the 1980s and 1990s, a story unfolds about the dreams, friendships, and love of three young people.

The Glory Part 2

Genre:  Revenge, Thriller, Melodrama

Episodes: 8

Air date: March 10

Where to watch: Netflix

A high school student becomes a victim of high school violence perpetrated by her fellow students. She dropped out of high school because of the bullying. She then began planning her revenge on her tormentors and also the bystanders who did nothing.

That student is now an adult. She has waited for the leader of her tormentors to get married and have a child. That child is now an elementary school student. The woman who was once a victim of school violence is now the homeroom teacher of her tormentor’s child. Her cruel revenge plot begins in earnest.

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise

Genre: Action, Thriller

Episodes: 16

Air date: March 11

Where to watch: Disney+/Netflix (TBC)

In order to protect her beloved family, Hong Tae-Ra must become the First Lady of Korea.

Hong Tae-Ra has a perfect life with her beloved husband Pyo Jae-Hyun and their lovely daughter, except for one thing: she has no recollection of her past. One day, she regains her memory and faces her harrowing past. Her perfect life is now broken and she finds herself in an uncontrollable situation. Hong Tae-Ra struggles to take revenge on those responsible for her past.

Romantic Guest House

Genre: Historical, Mystery, Romance

Episodes: 18

Air date: March 20

Where to watch: Viki

Yoon Dan-O enjoyed a comfortable life as the beloved youngest daughter, but not anymore. She is now the breadwinner of her family and runs Ihwawon Inn, whose guests are scholars who came to Hanyang to take the exam to become ranking officials.

Joseon Lawyer

Genre: Historical, Law, Romance

Episodes: 16

Air date: March 24

Set during the Joseon period, Kang Han-Soo becomes a lawyer to take revenge on the person responsible for the death of his parents. While he gains work experience as a lawyer, he develops into an able lawyer. Kang Han-Soo becomes involved with Princess Lee Yeon-Joo and Judge Yoo Ji-Sun. Princess Lee Yeon-Joo cares for her country and people sincerely, while Judge Yoo Ji-Sun strives to deliver fair judgments. Based on the webtoon by Sim Gun and Writer Jeong. 

Duty After School

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller

Episodes: 10

Air date: TBD

High school students are supposed to study hard for their entrance exams. Instead, the students in 3rd-grade 2nd class must fight a war against bizarre alien creatures that appear in the sky. Based on the webcomic “Banggwa Hoo Jeonjaenghwaldong” by Ha Il-Kwon.

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