Lost in Space Season 2

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Season 2 carries on from Season 1, with the Robinson family stranded and unable to move on with their lives. The stakes are higher, the missions are harder and the goal is extremely ambitious in Lost in Space Season 2, with the family having to band together more than ever to achieve their common goals.

Ready Steady Cut did not give Season 1 a favourable review, however, the second instalment has provided a more positive outcome with our critics, who deem Lost in Space Season 2 to be a more whole, more intensified version of the story that we are sure audiences will enjoy

Season 2 pretty much bands with the same characters, however, there are some additional supporting characters that add flavour to the story. Will and the Robot are still important, and there are a few new easter eggs that will have you begging for a Season 3.

Talking of a Season 3, it has not been confirmed yet, but with the attention to detail and plenty of story arcs created in Season 2, it would serve as no surprise if Netflix decided to empty some of their banks to commission another instalment of the story.

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