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“The Dragman Is Coming” somehow turned out to be one of the best episodes of The Outpost, despite the fact it brought nothing to a close and was the last one in the series. Maybe next year!

It finally happened. It took ten weeks and no shortage of people getting annoyed about it on social media, but The Outpost finally delivered a halfway decent episode in “The Dragman Is Coming”. There was romance! Heartbreak! Intrigue! Then it ended without having really resolved anything and the ratings were so low that there probably won’t be a second season.

Still, I appreciated the effort all the same. “The Dragman Is Coming” opened with the stunning revelation that colipsum is behind the plagueling infestation thanks to some roundabout fertilisation business, which was a moral sledgehammer for Janzo, who had delivered sacks of it to the Mistress for distribution far and wide. He, along with Talon and Garrett – free from infection thanks to not being into the nightlife – returned to the Outpost just in time to be captured by Ambassador Dred and the Prime Order.

Luckily, Queen Gwynn arrived in the nick of time to prevent their execution, flanked by stab-happy ruffians who shanked their way through the throngs and ousted the conquerors. There was some fighting that for the first time in the entire season looked well-staged and choreographed, including one of two showdowns between Dred and Talon, the former ending up a hostage himself. Then, rather than just executing him and having done with it, Gwynn decides to wait around and do things “according to royal law”, giving him ample time to escape and seek his revenge later in the episode.

Danno, Wythers’ mute underling, makes a heroic self-sacrifice, Wythers is reinstated, and he gets a nice bonding moment with Garrett. Further bonding occurs between Garrett and Gwynn, which is interrupted by Talon, who is for some reason surprised to catch them halfway through the no-pants dance. I mean, they’ve been a couple for the entirety of the season. This shouldn’t be a surprise!

Still, Talon’s upset about it, and so turns to Janzo. This doesn’t seem fair to me. Don’t get me wrong – I hate that character with a passion, but Talon only seems to pay him compliments to get under Garrett’s skin, and it just seems like mugging the poor bloke off if you ask me. They were interrupted by the newly-escaped Dred, who sliced Janzo up a bit before escaping into that second season that probably won’t be commissioned, but in fairness this did set up a tearful scene in which Talon confessed her platonic love for Janzo, who apparently reminds her of her brother. And you know what? I dug it. It was sweet. Yes, Janzo ended up in the dreaded friend zone and didn’t get the sexual relevance he was obviously clamouring for, but it felt like an earned resolution to their relationship throughout the season.

That really was the only resolution that “The Dragman Is Coming” offered, though, other than the identity of the Dragman, who turns out to be that creepy little girl that Dred drags around with him. Intriguing! Except we still don’t know what a Dragman is, or really anything about this kid, and now the season’s over, there’ll never be another and we’ll never find out. Blimey, I didn’t think I’d ever be typing these words, but there’s a part of me (a small part) that quietly hopes The Outpost gets renewed. Maybe next time they’ll employ someone with a basic grasp of the written word. I suppose a proper budget wouldn’t go amiss either.

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